my daddy

A Letter to My Daddy and What He Means to Me

My Daddy

Today is going to be a little different, but I am thankful.  It is a tribute, to my father.  It is going to be a letter to him, but I am letting you all read it. 

My Daddy, I love you very much.

I remember when I first met you.  I hungered for a daddy.  Everyone else had a daddy, but I only had a pretend one.  I wanted to call you Daddy, and I did, before you even adopted me. 

I remember the day that happened.  You were going to be my Daddy because the one who shared my genes did not wish anything to do with me anymore.  I remember going before the judge.  I remember him being a very nice man.  He talked to me for a few minutes.  He asked me did I want you to be my Daddy.  I said yes, in no uncertain terms.  My last name changed that day.  My birth certificate changed that day. You paid money to adopt me.  You know, it helps me think about how God did that for me, and I’m so thankful.  I hope you know, Daddy, that He did it for you too.

We had our tumultuous times.  There were times I actually wondered if I should have said yes to that judge.  But now, I’m so glad I did, and now, I am going to lose you.  It’s almost inevitable now, barring a miracle. 

Now you have cancer.  You are suffering so.  You even said to me last week, that you just wanted it to end. 

I remember when you said how amazing you thought I was.  I knew it wasn’t amazing because I was blind, but just as a person, you thought I was.  I said, I thought you really thought I wasn’t good enough.  You paused, and you said that wasn’t your intention. 

Daddy, you thought the best  of me.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough; you just knew in your heart what I could accomplish.

I remember a few months ago when I was there.  I told you how it really bothered me and startled me when people came up to me and just touched me out of the blue.  You told me that you thought I should say something to them.  I thought I was overreacting, but you said you could understand me feeling that way, and people might not even think because they do it to each other all the time. 

my daddy
I heart my daddy

I remember that day in church.  So many times, I would sit in church, wishing I had a braille hymnal, wishing I knew all the words.  I never said anything.  But that day, they sang “How Great thou Art.”  You started feeding me the words, whispering in my ear before they came, each line, so I could sing it.  It meant so much.  I told you this last week.  You said you always tried to help.  You thought of those little things, things no one else would.  All of these memories keep coming back.  The trips to your workshop the last couple times I came there.  I loved being there, you letting me touch all your tools, carefully, of course.  I remember how you let me, then and as a child, press the button on your table saw.  It made such a loud noise, but I felt so good to do it.  Oh Daddy!  I will miss all those precious times so much! 

Now, Daddy, hospice is being called.  It seems time is short.  I pray, Daddy, that you know Jesus.  You are so weak. 

Just know, that for all you did for me, for the time we got to talk in the last few years, I thank you and I thank God.  Daddy, I now understand more the love of my Heavenly Father.  I wish I had more time with you.  I pray that I see you in heaven.  I love you.  Thank you.  Thank You, God, for the father You gave me.  You turned what one man did that was horribly hurtful in rejecting me, into something even better than I could have hoped for.

And as much as I don’t want him to go, Lord, please don’t let him suffer too much longer.

Love to both of my fathers,

Your daughter,


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