adam and eve story bible

Adam and Eve Story Bible as Read by Katiedash

Adam and Eve Story Bible

My thoughts on Adam and Eve Story Bible:

Rest At the beginning of the chapter, it mentions how God rested on the seventh day. Does this mean that creating the Earth for six days made Him tired? Does God get tired? I do not think He gets tired the way we do. But, He knows us, He created us. He rested on the seventh day to set an example to us. He made that day holy so we would know we needed one whole day to renew ourselves. One whole day set apart to renew our spirits, to connect our spirits with His spirit. So we would have the strength to get through the next week.

Adam and Eve Story Bible: Seed laying not growing

Next, this chapter talks about the seed that has not grown yet. It did not grow because there was no rain to help it grow. It was lying in wait. Could this be an image of how the Word plants a seed in our heart but does not grow till God provides what we need? That seems very likely to me. How in my own own power we cannot fully understand God’s Word until He provides understanding through His Holy Spirit.

Adam and Eve Story Bible: Two important trees

Adam and Eve Story Bible
The back of Eve she is pointing at one of the two trees.

The tree of life was not restricted from being eaten from. God set us up to have life everlasting in His perfect garden as long as we were dependent on Him. But, he did not want robots so He allowed us choices. This is where the next tree comes in. The tree that gives knowledge of good and evil. As it stands God provides us knowledge, He gives us everything we need. But to seek our own way to get knowledge is saying God is not capable to give what we need. That is why He says not to consume the fruit of the knowledge tree. It is an act of turning from God.

Adam and Eve Story Bible: Helpmate for Adam

This chapter closes with the description of how God knew Adam was not to be alone. Out of all the animals, insects, birds, and beasts, God let Adam name them. God did not set them up to be Adams partner. As God in chapter one says, each creature was made for its own kind. God made Adam in His image, none of the animals had that designation. So God needed to make another in His image. What I often like to stand on is how God made woman from Adam’s rib. He could have made Eve from his foot bone, but then that would put her under his feet to be his slave. God could have used some of Adams skull. But that would put women above man. But, no, in God’s perfect plan He took from Adam’s side. From his ribs to make the woman. In this way, we are side by side. We are partners in this world,  each of us has an image of God in us, we just have different roles to fill in our relationships.

In closing Every chapter of the Bible has an instruction that we can learn from. It is the living word of God, and if we read it, that is prayerfully read it. The Holy Spirit will always show us what we need to learn for our lives today. Something new can always be found from the text we have read a thousand times over. I pray that God will give you some new understanding of the text today.

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  1. How do you fit it all in? I am no expert, especially on relationships. But, remember God rested only one day. The sabbath. Now what ever day you chose to be that sabbath day of rest is up to you. So one day Sat. or Sunday concentrate on getting done what you need done at home. You like they tend to say about men, the hunny do’s or with friends or what ever. Then the next day just relax with your husband?

  2. thanks for reading this. Very good comments. i don’t know how to rest. I always think I will Saturdays but then, well, I know there are things people would like, or need from me. for example, my friend Sherry wants help with her phone. then I want to get tih you, Katie, about my profile. i want it to be as good as possible. and i then think about that it’s important to spend time with my husband. Reading about the help mate thing brings home ot me that importance. ohw do i fit it all in? it all seems a lot sometimes. how do I resrt yet fit in all i need to do?

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