All you can do

All you can do is your best, and let God do the rest

All you can do

All you can do sometimes is your best, and you truly have to let God do the rest! I’m talking to myself right now, not you guys! Because I’m unlike me, I’m sure you guys have it all together, right?

I know I’m wrong, save the emails! I just got through taking a quiz for one of my classes, I did okay, but not great. A true and false got me mixed up. You would think a prayer class would be simple, but there are different topics they teach within prayer. Today they taught on forgiveness and fasting. Which I learned a bunch about! I learned how important fasting can be in your life because it makes you so dependent upon God, and when you do it on others behalf it’s so needed.  I also learned that when you fast, it’s not all about food, you can fast anything that means something to you in replace of spending time with God.

Anyway, I got off topic! My point is when disappointing things happen in life all you can do is your best and place everything in your Heavenly Fathers’ hands. By breathing in and out, “I trust in you,” and by prayer, and with worship music. Also, find a verse that will comfort your soul, and praise God as if He’s already taking care of the situation. When He has just not in the way you imagined it. God is more interested in our character and molding us into His Son’s image than giving us everything we want.

So let me ask you, what do you need to lay down at the hands and feet of Jesus? He can take care of things, however, if we don’t ask Him, He won’t take care of it, and/or give us peace in return. I want to challenge you to pray the Word of God back to Him. Nothing will go against His Word. Keep staying in faith.

Let me stand in the gab and pray with and for you. You can comment below or write to me by clicking here and let me know what your prayer requests are.

May the Lord bless and keep you in His will,

Allison Anderson

All you can do

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