An open letter to the Finding God Community, from Pastor John

An open letter to all in the Finding God Community, from Pastor John

Dear community,

I have been blessed to be a part of this community for several months now, and it has been a pleasure and a learning experience at the same time. I have heard some of your heart cries and I know many of you are both struggling and seeking. Sometimes it is hard or impossible to see the answer, the reason for the struggle. The purpose of this letter is to bring encouragement and hope in the middle of the storm.

When you make forward progress in and with God, the enemy of your soul tries to knock you off your feet. He tries to defeat you, to knock you down, to make you think the battle is all yours and you have absolutely blown it. May I remind you that the devil is a liar and his purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy. He’s just ticked off because he is losing ground. Good.

So how can we get close to God? How can we gain ground in our relationship with Him? I’m going to suggest three steps. No, this is not a 1,2,3 problem solved. This is a process, and it is only a suggestion. It is based on three principles.

First, just breathe. Take a long, slow breath and absorb in Jesus. Open the clinched fist, lift the tired but raised hands, and just Jesus fill you. You need His strength. You need His peace. You need Him.

Second, release whatever is in the way. Tell Jesus everything. Let the feelings, thoughts, dreams, aspirations, hopes, plans – let them all come out and hand them to Jesus.

Finally, take the next step. Do the next thing that needs to be done. Whatever God is laying on your heart to do, get up and start to do it. If He is leading you to seek Him, then do just that. If He is leading you to be quiet before Him, then make that choice to listen. Call, e-mail, or message that person that is on your heart. Confess that sin. Pray for others. Pray with others. Read scripture. Study scripture. Worship your Father, your God, your Creator, cling to Him. Get out the hurt and let in the Spirit.

Pastor John


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