appreciate small things in life

Appreciate Small Things in Life Makes Life Better

Appreciate Small Things in Life

Never know how it can affect you

HI everyone.  Yes, it’s me, after a long hiatus.  For my first post in a very long time, I want to share an interaction I had with God this week.  It was such a small thing, yet so amazing to me.

As all of you reading this probably know by now, I am totally blind.  I also have trouble carrying things without them tilting and so that they are totally level.  When I heat my lunch at work, I usually carry it with the tray that has the frozen (now heated) lunch inside on top of a plate and with a napkin covering the meal tray.  I also don’t remove all of the wrapping until I get back to my desk, as you just have to vent it to cook it.  It is hard to carry in one hand, so I can’t always use my cane.  Although I know the room and the hallway well, sometimes, I can get turned around, and there are two doorways by which one can enter and exit the breakroom.  If I walk out the wrong door, I come across carpet and have to backtrack and go back through the breakroom to the other entrance.

Appreciate small things in life

On Monday, I was heating up my lunch and listening to a Christian podcast on my iPhone while it was heating up.  I don’t even remember who it was.  Actually, now that I think about it, I believe it was Joyce Meyer.  She was saying that we should not worry because God is with us always; He will walk through everything with us.  I muttered nonchalantly, under my breath, “God, if you were truly here with me, physically, bodily here, I could ask if you would be willing to carry my lunch for me while I use my cane to get back to my desk and I wouldn’t have to worry about bumping into anything.”

The microwave beeped, and I took my lunch out of it and walked back to my desk.  While I was eating, I realized that God had done me one better.  I walked right from that microwave to that entrance, the right entrance, without bumping into any corners or walls and without making a wrong turn at the other entrance.  I just walked right to it and right to my desk without incident or mishap or even annoyance.  Wow!  God did not carry my lunch for me, but He did give me some extra help and strength to get there without someone else to physically carry it for me.  So in a sense, it was as if He truly did carry it for me, and guide me to the right entrance without running into any corners, walls, or other obstacles to boot.

appreciate small things in life
A picture of Gabriela Green’s book “It’s The Little Moments That Make Life Big” Small things that make you happy

Appreciate Small things in life

This may sound strange to you.  Maybe you think I am attributing something to God that just was a coincidence.  But I don’t happen to believe in coincidences.  Also, lest you think this, today, I was in my own world, did not even ask God for help, was totally self-absorbed and ended up banging into a corner, just a little bit, and most notably, going out that wrong door and having to backtrack.  There were no distractions or people there to get in my way either.  Therefore, I truly believe it was God, and as the country song says, “that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

God, thank You for the lesson You taught me on Monday.  It helped me to truly know that You are with me and that even if you are not physically standing in front of me, You can still help me as if You were, because nothing is impossible for You!

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