Appreciating the Talks

Appreciating the Talks With Family and Friends

Appreciating the Talks

This morning, I texted my mother to check in with her.  A few days ago, she had shared one of those posts to Facebook you post and urge everyone to copy and paste if cancer (or something else, depending on the post) has touched your life.  I don’t usually pay those posts any mind, but because it was my mom, because it was cancer, I did.  Still, it made me start to worry about how she was doing, and I realized I wasn’t the only one because my sister commented asking her if she was ok and saying they needed to arrange a get-together.  Instead of commenting, I texted her today.  I asked how she was doing, if she was lonely.  She said she was getting her nails done, so I said I’d talk to her later.

Appreciating the Talks
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Appreciating the Talks

She later texted me and surprised me.  She said that she missed my dad, but she wouldn’t say she was lonely, but she missed their talks.  I said it was amazing that after so many years, over 40, that they still found things to talk about.  She said, “Every day.”

Appreciating the Talks

It really convicted me.

There is always something new to learn about someone, even that someone you are closest to, married to, and have lived with for years.  There is always something new to talk about.  Have you ever had your spouse, or significant other, or family member talk on and on about something and find you are not interested so you don’t pay much attention, don’t give your undivided attention?  I am ashamed to admit that I have, all too often.

But what our loved ones have to say, how they feel, is important to them.  We need to give them our undivided attention.  We need to have those talks.

One day, they may not be around, and we won’t be able to have them.  Appreciate all the time they talk to you.  Spend time talking to them.

Lord, thank You for those loved ones we have in our lives.  Help us to appreciate them and to listen when they speak.  Amen!

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