Godly Decisions

Are We Making Godly Decisions

Godly Decisions

How Do You Make Them

Life is full of decisions, what to eat, where to eat, what to wear, who to associate with, what to believe on and on and on it goes. Some are easy to decide on like what to wear or eat but what happens when it comes time to make bigger decisions. Like I am facing right now. The home we are looking at purchasing is 111 years old, it needs a lot of work. But, is this the home God wants us in? How do we know we are making Godly Decisions?

Along with this video I would also like to offer a fellow bloggers article How Christians Make Decisions.

What I see in both the video and the article is that prayer is first and foremost when you do not know what to do. Dr. Stanley points out that talking to God is even more important than talking to others. Rev. Mark though says prayer is important but also talking to counsel and finding mentors to guide you.

Both Dr. Stanley and Rev. Mark say going to scripture will allow God to shape your heart, mind, and desires to match God’s. It is in His Word that God can speak to us clearly.

Using our own reasoning tends to be criticized by most Christians. But, Rev. Mark points out that God commands us to reason things out with Him. I think this is important, but as long as we remember to make God first. That we talk and reason it out with Him, not with ourselves. I see this as still praying and talking things over with God.

What Rev. Mark does not seem to touch on is the waiting that Dr. Stanley talks a lot about. The waiting for God’s answer are important. God is working, we may not see it, but He is. In those times that seem to last forever He is working on us to make us ready for His answer. So, to make Godly decisions I see all these points are important. What do you think? Is there anything else we need to add to our plan to make decisions?

Godly decisions
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