Building a Christian Home

Are You Building A Christian Home? Is It Possible?

Building a Christian Home

How Does One Do it?

As God is giving my husband and I our home that He promised long ago my thoughts are on how we will live as a family. We will be raising our last child together, what kind of example do we want to be for him? I know when my husband and I first met we were two very selfish adults. We had no idea on how to live for God and raise children who understand the importance of God. I had prayed for a Christian husband, but I was not ready to be the Christian wife. God knew this and allowed us to go through things to bring us to a point of needing God more than anything else.

Building a Christian Home
Christ like Character fruit in the life

So, I have set about researching how others are going about building a Christian home for their families. The first thing I found was an article written for the God Interest site, “Is Teaching Christian Character in the Home Necessary?” by . She focuses on the importance of teaching by example and verbal lessons. I know I tend to fall short on both ends of that. Now, I do not necessarily endorse the materials she is selling, but I do believe the concept of teaching Christian Character is important.

How does one then go about teaching this character in their children. What I think is that it has to start with the parents. If the parents are not right with God, then how can they teach their children to be right? With that being said I believe it is important that each parent focuses on their relationship with Jesus alone, and then together. It is in how each one of them faces the problems of life. Children watch and mimic their parents and if we want to teach them God is the answer we need to believe, speak, and act like that is the truth. If we are building a Christian home our personal character needs to be shaped by God.

What stood out for me in this video is feeling sorry for yourself when things do not go as planned. That is one of my character flaws that God has me working on right now. What about you, did God show you anything from the video? Could He be pointing something out in you that needs to change in order for you to to be building a Christian home? Let’s discuss this in the comments below or join our Facebook Life Group:

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