back to routine after vacation

Back to Routine After Vacation and Some Thoughts

As you follow my life story you will learn why I do not live with my husband. But, for right now let’s just acknowledge I am a happily married woman living a single mother life. The times I get to spend with my husband are few and far between. When they do happen they are the most precious times of my life. But, now I am back to routine after vacation.

I came home yesterday afternoon, it is always a shock to my system. Thinking, ok, its all on me again. I miss him terribly. Yes we call each other all the time, I try to involve him in decisions I make here at home. But, ultimately it is all on me. I am the one responsible to home school our child, to teach him everything he needs to know. Our son is lacking in so many basic areas. But, I am doing the best I can. As I cry.

back to routine after vacation
an open bible with two wedding rings on it.
back to routine after vacation

What I learned on this vacation with my husband is that God is in control. We cannot change what is going on right now. We can only ask God to change us, for Him to change me so I can serve Him better. What I want is to live with my husband again. But, is my motivation to serve the Lord better? I ask why is it taking so long for me to be able to live as a normal married couple? What does the Lord want so we can do that? Is this need only serving me?

I realize everything in God’s time. Nothing works if I try to do it on my own. But, God it hurts more and more as my husband and I grow in you. I see how living with my husband could be serving the Lord. We could be the co-parents raising our son in church and studying the Bible regularly. My husband goes to Salvation Army that has already recruited me to help in a group for struggling single parents. But, none of that can happen when I am living as a single parent.

back to routine after vacation

So, I am back home, back to my routine. I now ask, ok Lord how can I serve you from where I am at now? What do you want me to do here? I am back to blogging regularly, sharing His story in my life. Praying for anyone who reads this. Volunteering with Life Church Online and homeschooling. I have no car, cannot walk or stand well. So, Lord I beg you. What now? How can I serve you better from where I am now?

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