beauty and talent

Beauty and Talent Do These Labels Invoke Gender Roles?

Beauty and Talent

We see a pretty young girl and say, oh aren’t you beautiful! Another young girl who does not appeal to our senses falls to our noticing eye. But when it comes to boys, we compliment their looks and their accomplishments. So, does beauty and talent have gender roles?

Beauty and Talent
Glamour Lady

When searching for images to include in this article what I see most for women is the beauty. These flawless, skinny, perfect images. Not images showing their talents, what women can do well. What does this say about how society sees women? With the talk of sex abuse so rampant in social media what can we do to picture females as more than just beauty?

beauty and talent

I did similar search for boy images and found mostly boys engaged in activities. Showing off their talents. To me this invokes the thought that men are the doers the talented ones, women are just around for enjoyment. But, is this true? Does beauty and talent strictly women and men labels? 

Beauty and Talent

This issue is discussed in an article I read in OTV Magazine, “The Problem With Pretty Girl and Princesses.” How compliments we give our youth can shape how they and others see each other. Consider reading it and thinking of how we as society can help in keeping each other whole, healthy and safe. Just by how we see each individual both for their beauty and talent no matter what gender they are. 

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