Being closer to God

Being closer to God is so important than anything else in life

Being Closer to God


Over the last past few weeks I’ve been doing some deep bible study reading, over the YouVersion app that has tons of plans to choose from. Right now I am learning about how to control your mouth, and guarding your heart from things. As well as Being Closer to God. By keeping Him in the center of your day and mind, over time you tend to think and talk like Him. That’s what being Christlike is all about. But how can you, when your not engaged in the Word, and in prayer? It’s simple, you can’t! I watched a video one time, and the speaker said, that if you really love God and put Him first that you will think about Him throughout the day, and read your Word sometime within your 24 hours. He went onto say that if you don’t, do you really love God like you say you do? I hate to tell you, but probably not! Whatever is above God, that becomes a god and idol in your life. Which takes the place of the one true God. Do you truly want that?

Yes there have been times when I’ve gotten off track in my relationship with God. I get busy and life tends to go on. But then I had to ask myself a tough question. When was the last time that I prayed? I honestly couldn’t remember. Isn’t that terrible? So I had to ask God to forgive me, and come up with an action plan before I go any further.

I made up my mind then and there, that the moment I wake up in the mornings, I would pray and read my YouVersion plan. Yes that means getting up a little bit earlier in my day, but I tell you it’s so worth it, and I am proving to God and myself that He comes first. Then at night time I have a devotional or Christian book that I end my evening with. I’m not saying you have to do what I do, but I am saying, if you love God and want to be closer to Him you need to prove to yourself and Him that He comes first in your life, by reading your Bible and praying. Hey if you have time to complain to your friends, you have time to pray and read, don’t you?

What can you do this week to rearrange your schedule, so you can make time for your Heavenly Father? As you do watch and expect favors upon your life!


May the Lord bless and keep you,

Allison Anderson

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being closer to God
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