biblical reason to divorce

Biblical Reason To Divorce, and Why I Did Not Choose To Take It

Biblical Reason to Divorce

“I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery

Matthew 19:9

Now, please read this part of my testimony with some grace, some understanding. Let’s go back to look at just how God looks at sin, not how man looks at sin.

Let’s imagine the highest mountain on earth, one so high it seems to touch heaven. On this mountain is the most perfect sinless man around. Then below that on level land is the average man who is good, but still sins with lies and such. He does nothing terrible, just an average man. Then imagine down below sea level is the worst man around, abuser, murder, and the like. Now think about it, you pay for this wonderful life changing trip to the moon. As you are standing on the moon you look back at the earth. What do you see?

You do not see the highs, the valleys, the low sea level. Everything appears the same level. Now think about God, the most perfect God, even more perfect than the man on the highest mountain. God is so perfect no man will ever reach His level. How do you think God sees sin, all sin from His Highest advantage. Does He see the levels that we see here on earth? Or, are all sins the same to Him? Just try to think about this as I tell the next part of my testimony with full permission from all involved.

Biblical Reason to Divorce

When I last left you in my life testimony my husband and I just got married. We were so happy and excited, but that soon wore off. Between my kids behaviors from their diagnosis, and I not knowing how to submit to God, let alone my husband I fought my husband a lot. He came from a family that his step dad stepped in and became the father figure right away in their lives. It’s his home the kids need to listen. Problem was my husband moved in with me, it was our home first.

Within the first year of our marriage I decided my apartment, (now granted it was 1500 sq ft) was too small for us. I had just gotten pregnant and had our last child plus my step son came to visit regularly. So, I had us move out of town to a house that had four bedrooms. It was before moving here that the real problems started.

Biblical Reason to Divorce

When we moved to this house out of town things got worse. I guess the further away my husband gets from his family the worse his behavior gets. We started fighting more and he was feeling lost and alone. I would get angry that for anything and everything he would call her. After having our last child I was exhausted in trying to help my older kids and raise the new baby.

Biblical Reason to Divorce
biblical reason to divorce
A statue of Jesus holding his face in his hands as if he is sad.

So, here I am in this new house. Me and my husband separated. I was devestated, how could my Christian husband that God brought to me have done this? The day he left I fell to my knees crying out to God. “Not again God! I do not want to be a single parent again! God you knew this would happen! How could you have put him in our lives?!” I was hurting so bad. He betrayed me, God betrayed me! How could I go on!

That night on my knees God gave me a vision, He showed me that I would live with my husband again. All our turmoil, all our experiences God would use to bring others to Him. We would be serving others who lived through what we did. That vision calmed me some, and it is this vision that kept me in the marriage.

Biblical Reason to Divorce

So, as we go on with my testimony in the next few weeks. Remember how God looks at sin from way up high. Remember the vision God gave me when my husband left. Remember God and His plans always work out!

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6 thoughts on “Biblical Reason To Divorce, and Why I Did Not Choose To Take It”

  1. Thanks! I took example from my mom when I was abused, how she stood up for me for the most part. And the need I had for counseling. Seeing how my step dad could and did change and knowing it is possible for men to change. My belief is that to end the cycle of abuse all parties need help. Safe boundaries, consequences, counseling for everyone.

  2. Wow. I’m in awe at how well you handled all that. There was some molestation in my family as I grew up which was swept under the rug or denied. And the victims, after becoming adults spent many years trying to work through the issues that resulted from those childhood experiences. You had to make some very hard decisions, and kept the priorities straight for years. You are an strong, amazing woman!

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