Build your faith

Build your faith in God alone who is your rock. How can He be yours?

Build your Faith

This past week my faith in the Lord, has been challenged. I have a friend who is getting closer and closer to seeing Jesus. You can read more about her here. She is ready to be with our Lord, and deep down I’m ready for her to be with Jesus because she’s been in so much pain for the last past few months. But then there’s another side to my emotions that is sad that she’s going home to be with Jesus, because, I’ll never hear her voice or ask her for advice again. Life is going on though, and I need to be surrounded with my friends that knew her, and that can build my faith.

My mother past when I was young. Even though I can’t remember her to much, it brings back a lot of emotions for me. I told my friend when she gets to Heaven to look for my mom. She said she would, and I dream a lot, so I have no doubt that my mom and my friend will come see me in my dreams.

A few days ago, I needed some encouragement and something to build my faith. A month or so ago I saw a Facebook AD for a video for people that were grieving.  They were showing that video for free on their Facebook page. However, I went to their site and they were offering a free 7 day trial to watch all of their group Bible studies they had. So I went ahead and watched the one they posted on Facebook called “In the Middle of the Mess” by Sheila Walsh. It really spoke to me. I watched that series, then I started to move on.

build your faith
a hand holding a mustard seed showing a full grown tree. Words saying If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you.

I want to tell you about my current one I’m watching called “Satisfied” by Jeff Manion. He says things that really build your faith. Such as you don’t need to keep buying things to make you feel happiness. That happiness may only last a day if that!

Jeff Manion quotes:

“Contentment is a satisfied heart. I’m okay with it, I’m okay without it. I don’t need it to become whole. Contentment isn’t having everything you want, it’s having a heart for God.”

Saying really spoke to me. Reminded me of when I’m at the store or the mall and really want something. I have to admit though, I’m better than I used to be at buying things so much. We truly however have everything we need, because we have the Lord that lives within us. Unbelievers will never find true happiness because the Lord isn’t within them. This is why I blog and write books so the Good news of Jesus will be heard.

Word of the Lord

After my free trial with that site was up, I went ahead and paid for a low cost to watch some more of their Bible study series. Boy, have I learned so much. Even though I don’t do it with a group, it’s really alloying me to look within myself. Nothing takes the place of the Word of God, however, these types of studies can lead you to scripture and makes you study the Word for yourself.

Another thing that really got into my heart this past weekend in this series, is that the Lord, He is enough. He’s my rock, my fortress my salvation, the list goes on! I might have to remind myself of this throughout the day, but my Lord is truly enough, and He build my faith within time. I truly believe the Lord has me going through these lessons to help deal with the passing of my friend.

You might be thinking, this all sounds great, but I can’t afford to watch these videos. Well, I have some good news for you. There is a free site, that is almost similar to the one I mentioned earlier. You can click here to go to it.


I would encourage you that each day you will make time to build your faith by reading the Word of God. You may not feel any difference, but over time you’re start thinking like the Lord.

If you ever need prayer or someone to talk to click here.

Ephesians 1:5

God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.


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