mystery of suffering

Can We Live With The Mystery of Suffering?

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God R.C. Sproul Jr.
SESSION 7 Living with the Mystery

Mystery of Suffering

Can We Accept it?

In the past videos we learned that God does punish as in with Adam and Eve, He does stand against Satan as with Job, He shows His glory on earth as with the blind man, and He humbles us as with Paul’s thorn in the flesh. One would think with all that we could understand all suffering, but do we? When it comes to our very specific circumstance that is troubling us can we explain it?

I like where R.C. Sproul Jr. mentioned that God is not punitive or angry with us, that was taken care of on the cross. But, He is all about us growing to be more like Jesus. So, often God uses our circumstances to guide is in that endeavor. I believe the years that my husband and I were living apart is part of God helping us grow closer to Him. Our Heavenly Father needed to have us experience the pain of those years to learn that only through Him will things work. Now that both my husband and I put God first He is bringing us back together.

mystery of suffering
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But, what about the babies who die, or the Christians who die for their faith? Can we explain those things? The mystery of suffering can be so perplexing. We know by now that God controls all evil and good in the world. So, why do these things happen to innocent people? Well, also remember none of us are good because the nature we are born with. Then why do we think we deserve and explanation to why God does some of the things He does? We cannot ever come close to having the powerful knowledge He does. I think if we just come to accept all the good He has done in, and for our lives, we can also accept that what we see has painful He will ultimately use for the good of His plan.

We need to remember that we are not the only person on earth. Sometimes the mystery of suffering is because what we are experiencing is to benefit someone else. How wonderful it is to be used by the one who created everything. That He thinks so highly of us to trust us with this experience just so someone can be blessed and find Him for themselves. For me I am ready to accept the mystery of suffering for my ever loving Father.

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