death will be no more

Death Will Be No More, Thanks To Jesus

Death Will Be No More

Thanks To Jesus

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God R.C. Sproul Jr.
SESSION 9 Mourning and Dancing

What a wonderful thought! That thought that we will no longer die. All because of what Christ did on the cross for us. How tremendous is that! He loved us so much He gave us a way to be new person in Him, so that one day our last enemy will be defeated.

death will be no more

death will be no more
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Please, I do not have a lot to say today. I am very distracted and giving it all to the Lord. I ask that you watch this video and let God speak to you. I consider myself evangelical, and R.C. Sproul Jr. does make a snide remark about evangelicals. Actually I am not sure what I consider myself other than a Bible believing person who is trying to spread His word and love to others. I find a lot of truth in these videos and they have helped me a lot no matter what religion Sproul considers himself. Please watch the video and see what R.C. says about death will be no more.

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