Thoughts Control Actions

Do Our Thoughts Control Actions? How Can We Tame Them?

Thoughts Control Actions

God through Moses continues the story of Joseph when he was taken slave. In this chapter we meet Potiphar and his wife. We can see that even though Joseph is a slave God is still with him. God blesses all of Joseph’s work so that he is favored by his owners. Which can happen for us too when we are suffering. We trust and have faith in the Lord He can be with us through the struggle so that others will look favorably on us. Our circumstances, Joseph’s circumstances did not change, but God blessed Him in other ways.

Thoughts Control Actions

Some of Joseph’s circumstances in Potiphar’s house was the wife of Potiphar. The wife was a persistent temptation to Joseph. This is what I wanted to focus on today. With our society so full of sexual temptation I wanted to talk about how this even happened in the beginning of time. We do not know what exactly Joseph and Potiphar’s wife looked like. But, Joseph being a young man and having an older woman make advances had to have triggered some arousal in him. It is just natural, God given gift in men to be aroused when a woman is attracted to him. Joseph’s decision in this situation shows how thoughts control actions.

thoughts control actions
a drawn fist with words above it: feelings quotes: sometimes your feelings are not a choice, but actions are.

We already know that Joseph was close to God. Just from the dreams he had of his family before he became a slave. They were visions God gave him. Even through his troubling circumstances Joseph did not lose sight of God. Because of this God blessed him. But it also shaped Joseph’s thoughts. It was this closeness with God that gave Joseph strength to not give in to the tempting wife. Thinking and talking to God shaped Joseph’s thoughts on how wrong it would be to give in.

If you notice who Joseph first mentions when the wife comes to him the first time. Joseph says he cannot do this against his God let alone his master. He put God above his master. This just tells me that God was on Joseph’s mind all the time. How to serve Him better, how to obey Him better. With that God gave him strength to ward off the tempting wife. Joseph’s thoughts about God controlled his actions. Just as our thoughts control actions.

Do you have a habit, or addiction that you just do not seem to be able to break? I know for me when it comes to eating foods that makes me feel better that is all I can think about. When I do not bring God into the situation I give in. It is too hard for me to say no when that food is so cheap and readily available. But, I begin my day with God, I talk to Him all day. I focus on how I can serve Him better. My thoughts become about Him and others not food. How could He help you with something you been battling? Maybe your thoughts need a bit more than just you focusing on God more? That is ok. I spent 11 years in counseling. We all need help sometimes. There are wonderful 12 step groups out there, and counselors. Please do seek help if you need it.

In the meantime, I am not a counselor, but I do listen and pray well. Just use this link if you want to talk directly with me.

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4 thoughts on “Do Our Thoughts Control Actions? How Can We Tame Them?”

  1. If we let our passions control our thoughts, they will both take over and make decisions for us that are not useful or productive.

  2. It reminds me of Psalm 119:9 “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.” When our minds and hearts are filled with God’s Word, we have power to overcome temptation and sin. Amen! God bless you Katie!

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