overlook the obvious

Do We Overlook The Obvious in Our Struggles?

Focus on What?

Overlook the obvious?!

I do not want to diminish anyone’s pain and struggles. But are we able to look past our circumstances to see what we do have? Maybe we can do the opposite and overlook the obvious our pain?

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So much of our pain is a result of human decisions. What others decide to do and how their actions affect us, or what we do. It is all interconnected.

But, what if we were able to not put the focus on all that, but focus on what God has blessed us with?

Overlook the obvious

1.) “The brain gives more attention to negative experiences over positive ones because negative events pose a chance of DANGER. By default, the brain alerts itself to potential threats in the environment, and… THEN awareness of positive aspects suddenly takes a lot more deliberate effort.” (We become hyper-focused on the negative, so we have a hard time seeing, hearing, or feeling positive.)

2.) It is this naturally occurring “start of negative” & then…”constant negative” feedback loop at play that, if NOT interrupted or countered, can lead to significant psychological distress. “ It is this vicious cycle that leads so many people spiraling down rabbit holes of depression and extreme anxiety.”

3.) This is exactly why you have to make the strong effort to “counteract” the negative thoughts & focus when it occurs. You have to make pro-active efforts to DO things that will change your thinking & how you feel, OR, you will continue to get taken over by the negative & get caught in the loop.

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overlook the obvious
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This “hyper-focus” on the negative is why when we have so many blessings in our lives we do not see it. In my current Sunday book study Joyce Meyer teaches in-depth how to change our thinking. I pray you consider looking over the archived articles. Training our mind to focus on the good, on God can be very hard to do.


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