Don't Quit Before The Miracle

Don’t Quit Before The Miracle Happens Your Strength Depends On It

quit before the miracle happens

In this chapter Isaac is born. God’s promise is finally given some fleshly hope. Before now Abram who is now Abraham, and Sarai who is Sarah had to depend on faith. When Sarah gave her maidservant to Abraham someone should have said don’t quit before the miracle happens.  

quit before the miracle happens

How many times have people been at their wits end and then the impossible seems to happen? Whether the person is a believer or not, God is the one who makes miracles happen. Even if our circumstances do not change, through them there is a strength that can grow in us. We could experience a miracle of our own personal and spiritual growth. 

don’t quit before the miracle

I have to say in my own life the circumstances have not changed much, but the miracle of my maturity and spiritual growth is there. I am still a single mother living on disability and all kinds of assistance. Because I did not give up, kept trying to seek God, kept on putting one foot in front of the other. I found my relationship with the Lord.

In finding my relationship with Him I found peace, joy, and strength. He used all the poor decisions I and my husband made to shape us into who we are today. We still live apart, but we know what it means when someone says don’t quit before the miracle happens. 

Take our four adult children as an example. In raising my three two with aspergers syndrome and one with ADHD, then my husbands son with ADHD. It was hard to see how they could be successful adults. Especially with both parents having pretty severe brain injuries. Before I met my current husband it was just the three kids and I. Times seemed impossible, we were almost homeless many times. No sitter could care for my kids so I could not work. But, I never gave up. I knew God was there somewhere.

Now our 4 children are all 24,25,25, and 26 years old. All work and have been on their own for a few years now. One has a daughter and step daughter, one is married, one has had the same job for few years now, and the last one has been working for 2 years. I could never have imagined how well they would turn out. I give all the credit to God. I could have given up, and stop trying to raise them and seeking God. But then I may not have seen the miracle of them being wonderful caring adults. 

quit before the miracle happens
a drawing of a man walking through parted waters of the Red Sea
don’t give up before the miracle

What struggles are you facing today? Could it be that God is trying to change you from the inside out? Could the miracle be just that, your maturity and spiritual growth, not changing the circumstances? 

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