doubt can kill

Doubt Can Kill Your Ability to Have Joy Today

Did Abram Doubt?

What I see in this chapter is Abram questioning God. He did not understand how God could carry through with the promises He made. But as God spoke to Abram it touched his heart. Abram then decided to trust God. Where doubt can kill, Abram did not let it. 

Life Today

Today I experienced doubt. I have been struggling with my marriage, and being a single parent for so long. My husband is getting an inheritance from his dad died recently. Which means we could have an opportunity to live together again. But how it will all work out, none of us are sure. I started to question that things will work out for the good. 

doubt can kill
How I felt today

doubt can kill

With so many being involved in how it will work out. Many not trusting each other because of past pain. It started to bring up my past guilt and needing to protect myself. I started experiencing overwhelming fear and the need to control and know how it will work out. Doubting that anything will be good for all our pain and struggles. Doubt can kill happiness and relationships. 

Doubt can Kill What?

Doubt separates us from God. It kills our relationship with Him. He asks for our unwavering faith. When we doubt we cannot trust Him. It is saying ya I know you provided me before, but I doubt you will in the future. Not in this situation it is impossible. 

But, what do we know about God? What does it say in the Bible? God made everything, the heavens, the earth, everything. Could your situation be bigger than that? Is it any more impossible for God to fix than all that? 

What can we do?

What I did, I felt the feelings, and I let them out maybe a bit too much. But, in my head I kept saying, Lord, I know you got this. I may not have felt that way, but I kept saying it to myself. 

Eventually, I could listen to what He was saying. He reminded me I still needed to do my blog post. God is funny sometimes. The chapter to read today was on Abram and doubt! So, now His word got into my head and my heart. He keeps reminding me no matter what anyone says, what is going on around me. He has this! I need to be different than the none believers, let His light shine through me. To trust Him and let Him work! My peace is back and yours can too. 

doubt can kill
How I feel now and you can too!

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