dreams of heaven

Dreams of Heaven, Are You Thankful?

dreams of heaven

Dreams of Heaven

I had a dream last night that made me think of something that I don’t think we, as Christians, often talk or think about.

My Dreams of Heaven

I had one of those dreams within a dream. Meaning that while I was dreaming of something, I woke up but was still inside a dream.  I always call them a dream within a dream, and I used to think I was unusual until I have talked to a few people who have had them as well.  I believe that probably, everyone has had one at one time or another.

 Dreams of Heaven Explanation

Anyway, in this particular dream, the rapture started happening.  For those of you not familiar with all of the Christian terms. The rapture refers to the time before the Tribulation when Jesus will come to take the believers to heaven.  The word “rapture” is not actually in the bible, but the event is spoken of in one of the letters to the Thessalonians.

My Dreams of Heaven

So, the rapture was happening, and I was hearing this glorious music that sounded like something one would hear while ascending to heaven.  It was like a harp or electric piano or something like that, a tinkly type tune.  All of a sudden, Jesus woke me up from that dream. Although of course, I was still asleep and dreaming, He told me, “Not right now, but soon, My child.”  Now I am not saying this dream was prophetic in any way.  I really don’t know and I wouldn’t want to presume. However, it did make me think of a subject which, like I said, many of us don’t always think of. That subject is heaven.

Are you thankful for heaven, for the home that Jesus has spent all this time preparing for us?  It has to be beyond our imagination.  I know that it will make all that we go through now or have gone through pale in comparison and be totally worth it in the end.

Do you comfort yourself with these thoughts, with the knowledge that heaven is coming for you if you know the Lord as your Savior?  Or do you go on from one day to another, just surviving, trying to make the best of the life you currently have?  Do you know that is coming, that it will be better?  Do you believe God’s promises, or do you just listen to them and think, “wow that will be nice if it happens.  I sure do hope it does.”

I can tell you that I am definitely guilty of only thinking about my life, only moving on from day to day.  I am guilty of doubting, not trusting, and not truly believing the promises of our eternal future.

Let’s resolve to really search ourselves, to truly ask God to help our unbelief so that we can be encouraged by these promises that are for us to help us be steadfast in the trials of life.

If you are not absolutely sure that you have the promise of heaven ahead of you, please leave us a comment or reach out to one of us here, and we would be happy to tell you how you, too, can have the promise of eternal life.  It would be the absolute best decision you could make in your life and our absolute pleasure to be a part of helping you make it!

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