feelings aren't permanent

Feelings aren’t permanent, but God is forever and always.

Feelings aren’t permanent 

I believe that when it rains for a few days that it effects your mental health. Least it does for me. Last past few days I just haven’t been feeling myself lately. Lack of sleep, with a tad of depressing feelings going on. Even though I knew my situation wasn’t going to last forever, in that moment I felt like it was going to. So I logged in my support group app, called Wisdo, a very good support group app, and I talked with someone who in a way snapped me out of it, and I bonded a new relationship through my bad day. Deep down I know that God is in control, and that feelings aren’t permanent, but see in that moment, I felt like they were.

I had just come out of church, and I just felt down. I have a class I’m taking that needs to be completed by two weeks, I have a volunteer job that is very intense where I have to be there for others everyday. Plus on top of that, there’s a very good chance that I could be moving again. I’m looking at a house this week. Even though I’m so thankful God has brought all this upon me, after awhile, you just get tired.

feelings aren’t permanent

Maybe you’re feeling like I was over the weekend, just overwhelmed and tired. You know deep down your supposed to give it to the Lord, but you don’t have the strength to. May I remind you, that what you’re going through won’t last forever, and that God can handle what you have to say to Him. He always does! As you do, allow Him to take it from you, and let Him rule over your heart, and your life. Each day is a fresh start, and new beginning.

The Bible says to come to God and He’ll give you the rest that your needing for your soul. (Matthew 11:28)

I went to God crying while praying to Him, and even though nothing was solved, I know my God heard me, and this morning I woke up feeling better. What had changed? My heart, and the way I saw God. You may not have much control over what you’re going through, but you do have control over how you respond and give to God.

It’s OKAY not to be OK. Cry, talk to others, this is why we have the body of Christ. But don’t allow yourself to stay that way. Keep giving it to God, and allow Him to have your bleeding heart, and let Him carry it for you.

You can make it through this life! I have faith in you, and never forget that Jesus is your biggest cheerleader!


Allison Anderson

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feelings aren't permanent
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