Future May Not Be What You Dream of, But With God it is What is Best


In this chapter we see God blessing Joseph, giving Joseph more than he ever dreamed possible. What Joseph now has may not be what he wanted, but it is more than that. It is power and ability to use his skills to help others. His blessings are so great he can forget his past sufferings. He endured never losing faith in the Lord and now God is rewarding him. As with Joseph our future may not be what we dream it would be.

When you were young what did you dream you would be as an adult. Is that the future that you are living now? Has there been more turmoil and struggle that sent you in a different direction. I know when I was young I wanted a husband and only two kids, a girl and a boy. But, through the years I lost sight of God. I went my own way, and because of that he allowed certain consequences to happen. Ones that were not pleasant, but I never suffered more than I could handle.


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Those consequences are being used by the Lord. They are what made me who I am today. I may not be rich, and have all the riches of the earthly world. But, I am learning what is more important. To build my treasures in heaven. To build those treasures God calls us to help and love our fellow man. To serve Him and put Him first in everything. God is blessing me with the marriage I prayed for. Yes, it is not the easiest marriage, but it is one that God is blessing with hard learned lessons. One that I know He will use to build His kingdom, not with earthly treasures.

What does your future look like? Is it working out to be what you thought it would be? Do you see how God is shaping you for the plan He has for you?

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  1. PastorJohn Day

    Our past, present, and future are all in God’s hands, and only He knows how to put all that together. Thank you Jesus for making all this work through You. Amen.

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