Writing For Fun

Gabedash 1st Writing For Fun (Who and What I Like)

Writing For Fun

So hi.  My name is Gabe Dash. Right now I am writing a story to let you know a bit about me. What I love to do is play my phone, watch anime, and play the PlayStation. (TM by SONY)

writing for fun
picture of playstation 5

Writing For Fun

Now I specifically love watching youtubers and playing all sorts of games on my phone. My favorite channels are: SSundee, DanTDM and VenturianTale. .  One of the games I have is Minecraft. (don’t play it often though) I also play Dragon Ball legends.

                I Love Action-game shows. (I’m sticking to short sentences.)  My favorite show is Dragon Ball Z/Super/GT. 2nd fav is Bakugan.  3rd fav is Yu-Gi-Oh.

                I love action games on the PS4. (TM SONY) my fav is DB Xenoverse 2. I love Warframe for it’s ninja bits. I love Slime Rancher for it’s cuteness.


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