genealogy of Esau

Genealogy of Esau, Jesus’ Other Relatives

Genealogy of Esau

Genealogy of Esau

Now, admittedly I get thoroughly lost when it comes to genealogy. I tried to do what my mom and grandpa does and learn about my ancestors. They have last I heard maybe 15 generations recorded? I get lost who is who, and then bring in names I cannot even pronounce! What I do know is that God included these genealogies in the Bible for a reason. Maybe someone out there can shed more light on them than I can.

What I do think is the line of Esau is who the Israelites came into conflict with as they came to claim the promised land. That the conflict between Jacob and his brother built up through the generations. God always chooses the lesser to do His work to show that only through the Lord can these things happen.

genealogy of esau
chart showing generations of Abraham

Genealogy of Esau

As you read the Bible you will see this characteristic of God over and over. Noah, everyone laughed at him for building the ark, Joseph who was a slave and the younger brother, Job was knocked down and shed of his wealth, and Jesus born of a carpenter! Over and over we can see God uses the least equipped, who society considers a nobody to do His great works. Esau was the older brother but was stripped of that by Jacob the manipulator and younger son. We hear more of Jacob and how God used him than Esau.

So what about you? Do you feel that what you have done in your life, or how society thinks about you is a reason God will not use you? Is not all the evidence and stories in the Bible enough to prove to you God can and will use you! He has great plans for you. Just keep seeking Him, letting Him change you for who He needs you to be. You will get there one day. God loves you and is always with you no matter what you may be going through. Just know all this can and will be used to bring God Glory. Stay strong in the Lord your blessings will come, if not hear on earth but in Heaven.

Genealogy of Esau outside sources

Esau’s descendants and the rulers of Edom – the genealogy of the Edomites (Genesis 36:1 – 36:43)


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  1. Well said, once again, Katie. God uses cracked pots and broken people, the least to accomplish the most, as only He can do. I think it may be time for me to start sharing my story too.

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