Chapter three blog

Genesis Chapter Three Blog and Video Post

chapter three blog

Chapter three blog

Chapter three blog is where we see the fall of mankind.

What a responsibility we place on Adam and Eve. If it was not for their choices mankind would still be in the garden. Garden sounds so peaceful, so tranquil. Think of it though. How long do you think you would last there? It did not take long for Adam and Eve to want more than what God had given them. That yearning, longing to be more, have more, understand more. God made us, He put this yearning inside us, but why?

Chapter three blog Why God?

Why does He do these things that He knows will cause us sorrow? I guess He does not want robots. Also sorrow, pain can often bring about healing, growth and a closeness with God we never had before. As we learn to direct our thoughts to be aligned with God’s thoughts.

My battle with sinful thoughts

I am battling my thoughts right now. See addiction reared its ugly head in my family again. In that, I am trying to learn to think and handle things according to His will. To let God do His miracle instead of me doing it for Him. I have a strong need for security. To feel safe. In order for me to feel safe, I need to know what will happen in the future, to know that I can control what will happen. But in that, I am not trusting God. I am playing God.

Chapter three blog

My Reactions

It hurts, I get mad, feel betrayed when another person causes the pain. I do not like that, it takes the control out of my hands. Something that I did not plan for, that surprised me. This usually takes control of my thoughts and feelings in a way that I do not function well for several days.

As I am the only parent in this apartment I cannot afford to take the time to deal with this pain. I need to be able to act as mother, father, household manager, all of it.

What God Equipped me with

Thoughts direct your emotions, emotions direct your actions. This time around when my loved one slipped into their addiction I have more tools under my belt. Studying God’s word, reading and listening to others talk and teach His word. All of it touched my soul, my spirit that I can hear from the Holy Spirit.

What I do when my thoughts seem out of control I put on some worship music and talk to God. I talk to Him as if He is the friend that He says He is to us. I tell Him my thoughts, my feelings. I share my fears. In that, He gives me clarity and direction. He and my friends helped me put a line in the sand. He gave me the boundaries that need to be set right now. What I need to see happening before it would be safe to draw my loved one in close again. He told me that I am not in control He is.

What I needed to let go of so that He could work.

Still Struggle?

Don’t get me wrong, I am still trying to direct things. I search for things that would help my loved one. That is what we have done for years. But nothing worked. I do not have the answers. God does. I need to continue to take my hands off of things so that God can do His miracle. Once again God is telling me just step back. Stop communicating so much. Let Him work in my loved one’s life, not me. Thank you, Lord. I know I need someone to talk to. Please open the door to the correct counselor that will help me clear out my thoughts so that your thoughts are heard louder.

Chapter three blog

Do you Struggle? I know this is directed towards what is going on in my life now.

Do you see your story in this at all? How do you handle situations like this? Is it easy or hard for you to let God work? Please let me know that I am not alone in this!

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