give your journey

Give Your Journey To The Lord

Give Your Journey

In my life I have been through a lot. You can read about it under the My Testimony category. Much of it was my own doing. I have a strong urge to be in control of everything, and everyone I hold dear. But, slowly God has been working on me in this area. Showing me that one needs to give your journey to the Lord.

I struggled and was lost when raising my adult children. I tried to do it all on my own. We suffered a lot. My second marriage fell apart and stayed a mess for many years. All the while us so called adults, parents tried to figure it out on our own. My children got hurt, us parents suffered great hurtful consequences.

We thought we were better than God, we knew how to fix all our problems. Pride always got in the way. I knew more than my husband, he insisted he was the father so kids need to listen to him. Pride and our own way caused so much damage. Never thinking God could fix it all.

Give your journey

give your journey to the Lord
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Now, after many years being separated from my husband. After many years of consequences of our feeble minds and our terrible pride. We are submitting to the Lord, we are learning patience as we seek His guidance. Asking Him to guide us to the home He has for us, but we do not see yet. All I know is my weight loss is part of that journey to our home.

I never experienced such success as this time. I am now 28 lbs down. I want to exercise. When it gets hard I thank God for the success and I give this journey to Him. I ask Him for strength to fight through. I tell Him I cannot do this without Him. My husband is nervous about me falling down. He told me to not go outside and walk today. Instead of letting my stubborn pride telling me I do not need to listen to my husband. I am staying inside, and letting God show me how to keep on the right track.

Give your journey

It is up to you. Who are you going to give your journey to? Are you going to keep trying to figure it out on your own? Is that working for you? Or, are you ready to give it to the Lord and let Him use you to bless others?

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  1. This is something I need to do right now as we deal with insurance and car rental after we had a blow out on the interstate. Does no one know how to communicate in companies any more? Pray for calm, and for a quick resolution to this disruption. Lord, have mercy.

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