God Answers my prayers

God Answers My Prayers May They Be Big or Small

God Answers My Prayers

God answers my prayers?

The other day I was doing things, going through the day.  I recalled sending up a prayer, or as I would term half a prayer to HIM. It wasn’t one of those ones that I truly thought about, it was more of the cries of my heart that I wanted to spend time with a good friend.  Really wished He would make that happen. I didn’t think about it until the other evening. When as it turned out, Jesus answers my prayers,  I got to spend some time with this person. They were bringing me home after church. We got to sit for a bit and talk about things. After this was all said and done, it hit me that the Lord saw fit to answer even such a small prayer. Was this revolutionary, no was it the Lord answering the desire of one of his kids, yes.

I bring this up because I know the temptation to think oh, Jesus wouldn’t care about this little thing. It’s not worth his time to do something so small as this. Yet, I don’t recall the Bible at any point saying something to the effect that there is a condition on how big or small the prayer has to be. Our Father, He just wants us to come to him, to spend time with him in worship, and to present our requests to him.

Jesus says that if you ask anything in my name I will grant it.” Granted, this asking anything part is done if it is in alignment with God’s will. But he makes it clear God answers my prayers even the deepest desires if I ask him to.

God answers my prayers
God answers prayers, but He doesn’t always answer it your way

Did the friend in question know they were an answer to prayer? No, that was between me and The Lord.  I just wanted to write this, so that you might be encouraged don’t think your father doesn’t hear your prayer, much less answer, the fact is he does.

God answers my prayers

That said, there are things that can get in the way of answering prayer, but this is a topic for another post. Just remember, there is truly no prayer too small for Jesus.

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