God blesses those who He chooses to

God Blesses Those Who He Chooses to Bless

God blesses those who He chooses to

Here we find Jacob just starting out on his journey to his mothers family. We also see Esau witnessing his brother being blessed and decisions he made. Esau was cheated out of his rightful place in his family. He wanted to get in the good graces of his parents. His solution was to marry women from within the family as Jacob was sent of to do. But because God blesses those who He knows will work His plan out. 

God blesses those who He Chooses To

The Lord has a plan it is to rid the world of evil and sin. But He knows peoples hearts and it is evil. My thoughts are well if He can make us into new people after we die. Why doesn’t He just do it here on earth? Maybe because He does not want robots. He wants us to choose Him, to choose to be changed into new people. He can change us here, but from inside out. As we submit to Him.

So He chooses to bless those that He already knows will work in the plan He has. Look at Jacob he was a liar and stole his older brothers birthright. But still Yahweh blessed him. Not all right away though. Jacob had to go trough struggles and trials. He had to learn who The Lord was through His experiences. To come to a point of fully submitting to Jesus.

God blesses those who He chooses to

We can look at other people in the Bible, like David. King David was an adulterer, and murderer for one thing. But still David and his line were the most blessed! Lord Jesus Christ is in his genealogy! He knows who sill serve Him even before the people know themselves. He knows who will choose Him over the world. We make our own decisions, God knows it all before hand. Even before creation He knew. It is beyond our finite minds to fully understand why the murderer we might see in heaven is there.

What does this mean for us today? The fact that He chooses to bless who He does? We see someone who did the most heinous of crimes come to Jesus. Then this person is peaceful and God uses them for His plan. To God sin and sin. All sin takes us from God. So what we think of as the worst sin does not hold any degree to God. Lying is just as bad as raping someone in God’s eyes. So a rapist can receive forgiveness just as easily as a liar.

god blesses those who
a mouse pad with a mouse. Jesus is sitting in nature on the mouse pad. The words God bless you are below Him.

God bless those who He chooses to

This means that God uses the least the worst human beings to show His grace and glory. We may be trying to do everything right and be suffering terribly. It is a heart issue. How willing are you to submit fully to God. Sometimes those who have been forgiven much are more willing to submit all. 

Where is your heart today? Are you willing to submit fully to God and let Him use you? 

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