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God Help Me Open Doors That I Cannot Do On My Own

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Weight loss Surgery

I am crying, so emotional. The Lord is good! God opened another door in my life! He had me live through a lot to get me to where I can handle this. He does not change our circumstances, He uses them. Insurance has approved me to be seen and evaluated for weight loss surgery!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually they stop me long before the consultation. Telling me I am not sick enough. But, God influenced people enough that rules are changing. Enough science studies have been done on the results from the surgeries. They have proven that they are worth it! Lord, I praise your name!

I want to stop right here and say thank you! I did a live video on my Facebook Profile talking about this. I know, I know. I am on medicaid so people say who is having to pay for these very expensive surgeries and all the care that is involved with them? I want to say that I know it is tax payers. Hard working, back breaking, American taxpayers. I want to say sorry first of all for getting myself to the point I need this. But, also it is not totally my fault. I was not the driver in my accident that caused my brain injury. I was not the one who, by doctors confirmation, gave me deformed knees. The weight is a lot my fault though, poor eating habits, but then not my fault because my inability to exercise properly. So, for my part I want to say sorry, beg your forgiveness. I also want to say a very tearful, heartfelt thank you! Thank you for the hard work you do, thank you for paying for mine and others surgery. My goal is to work after bariatric and knee replacement. To give back.

open doors
a closed door with the words God wants to open new doors for you. Let go and let God have his way.

Open Doors for Weight loss journey blog

I woke up on the search for a blog to feature today. I found For Fats Sake’s podcast on bariatric surgery. It was very informative and one I will be listening to again and again. A podcast I will have my family, friends and anyone else around me listen. As I normally do though, my mind wanders when just watching or listening to something. So, I checked my email and found that there were new changes in my medical chart. It only said new lab tests were in so I didn’t think much of it other than just to see where I am health wise. But something else, a small voice told me to check the referral to the Bariatric Surgery Center my doctor did last week. That is when, and again just thinking about it, I started to cry! The referral is open!!!!!!!!!!! Now, it is just for consultation, for evaluation. But……..This is the closest I have ever gotten to some real help! God, please help me as I go through this process. I have trouble typing I am crying so much.

Through everything God is faithful to give strength and hope. He was there when I did not even recognize Him at the time. He knew what I had to live through to be able to handle this. Yes, I know He could just work some miracle and make it so easy for me to lose weight. He could heal my knees so I can move better. But, for some reason these are the doors He is opening for me. There is more for me to learn so I can help others. So, that others can see His strength through it all. God’s purpose in everything is to build His heavenly treasure. He wants all His children with Him for eternity. In order to do that He uses us, and our circumstances. The Lord is not a bully, He does not want automatons, robots. He wants us to choose Him, to love Him of our own free will.

Open Doors

So, Lord, please use me. You have given me so much that I could not do on my own. Jesus, open peoples hearts and minds to see that what you are doing for me, you will do for them too. Please, touch their hearts, please people don’t quit before the miracle happens in your life. Look at my testimony stories, see how much God has gotten me through and He will do the same for you. God is faithful in helping you learn so He can use you to help others see Jesus Christ.

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  1. PastorJohn Day

    Your faith journey and God’s faithfulness is leading you into some amazing adventures with powerful testimonies at the end. God is faithful and He is carrying out His plans.

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