God is faithful

God is Faithful Even When Our Life Choices Go Against Him

God is Faithful Even When Our Life Choices Go Against Him

I haven’t written about my weight loss journey in awhile now. That is because the shots in my knees wore off. The pain has been so great that I can barely make it to the bathroom. I felt defeated, frustrated, angry. My depression started to rear its ugly head. But, I was determined not to let my eating get out of control. What I eventually found was that God is faithful even when our life choices go against Him.

My life choices lead to my weight gain. When I married my first husband I was only a few years into my traumatic brain injury recovery. We started having kids right when we met, I was pregnant before we got married. So, trying to cope with having special needs kids, a husband who felt the house work was the wives job and trying to process it all did not work well with me. We ate at McDonald’s a lot. He being 120 lbs and about same height as me would eat two big macs and two fries in one sitting. I would try to match him. I was the one who gained weight.

God is faithful even when our life choices go against Him

Then I finally left him and became a single parent for several years. Which lead me to move far from my family and friends. During this time I still did not cook healthy meals. Between not understanding how to budget and cook with healthy ingredients, and the ease of eating out my weight kept going up.

In this my daughter with Asperger syndrome developed an eating disorder. All because I fed them the easy convenience processed meals. Change is hard for those on the spectrum and adding healthy foods to her diet today proves to be almost impossible. The few times I tried to bring healthy foods into the family I would end up buying the processed foods so she would eat something. She has been known to starve herself if there is not her foods available. Many would say to me that eventually she would eat. This just is not true. She would go several days without eating. We would run out of money providing the two diets so out of concern for my daughter and the ease of processed foods. I would cave in.

God is faithful even when our life choices go against Him

God is faithful
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I know God wants us to be healthy, our bodies are His temple. His Spirit lives in it. So, not eating right is going against Him. But, bring in today. My knees hurt so bad right now. I know I need to exercise. In my frustration and anger I turned to Him. I cried out, I pleaded with Him. I told Him I cannot do this. I need the weight off of me. To be honest I started this journey at 361. When my shots wore off in my knees and I stopped exercising I was 329. I stayed there for about a week, before I pleaded with the Lord.

Now, a couple of days after crying out to Him I weigh less than I have weighed in years. I am at 312! I had to weigh myself twice this morning to make sure I saw it right. It is true. I cannot lose this weight on my own. I tried so many times in the past, so many different diets. It was not until I was willing to submit and allow Him to do it for me that anything started working.

Yes, I still need to do my part. I need to make healthy eating choices. My normal daily diet consists of plain Greek yogurt and berries for breakfast, a cup of soup for lunch, fruit or veggie for snack, and Schwan’s for dinner. All portion size controlled. What is working for me may not work for you. What I do highly recommend is looking to the Lord and letting Him guide you to what will work for you.

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