God is faithful

God is Faithful to His Promises He Makes To Us

God is Faithful

He Will Keep His Promises!

If you have been following my story under the category My Testimony you would see the power of God. I may not be learned in all things Bible. By far I am not! I am just now committing to thoroughly reading and taking notes on the Bible. But, who I am is someone who experiences God’s provision and miracles all through my traumatic experiences.

My Testimony Stories

Please use these to help you see just how The Lord is so wonderful and even tho we may mess up, God is bigger and is still in the miracle business!

I am not trying to say I am amazing or anything like that. What my goal in sharing my life story is to let Jesus shine through it all. He has always carried through with His love, strength, and guidance. Just as I know He will now. My husband and I just told our realtor to make an offer on a house! When my husband was arrested in 2007 I fell to my knees. God promised me in a vision that we would live together in our own house and serve the community. God is faithful to His promises and I am finally seeing that come about.

Granted we still may not get the house. We are just now in the bidding for it, but even if we do not, I have faith that God has the house for us. We are just in the process of finding that house.

God is faithful
a one story yellow house.

If you are deep in your struggle right now, I do not have the answers. But, I have a relationship with the one who does. If you need prayer, or someone to talk to I am here for you. I cannot promise that His answers to your struggle will be a house or anything like that. But, I can promise you that His answers will be right, and perfect just for you and your situation. Sometimes we do not understand the struggle, or why we do not get our Earthly blessings as we think we should. Thing to remember is God’s ways are not our ways, and His ways are always better. He has a special plan just for you, and you are the one who will see and experience the God given joy in a special unique way. I just ask that you turn to Him, look for Him in everything, read His Word. Seek others to pray for you, and He will work out your life in such a special unique way. God is faithful in His promises!

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