god is in control

God Is In Control of Everything, Hearts, Minds, Everything!

Exodus Chapter 7

God Is In Control

of even our hearts and minds

Did you catch what The Lord said at the beginning of this chapter? Exodus chapter 7 verse 3! God said HE would harden Pharaoh’s heart. Really, does that mean that Our Father is in control of our hearts? What about our minds? Our actions? When you think about it, He did create us and He is so much more than we could ever figure out on our own. So, why couldn’t He do these things? But, does?

What about the gift of our will power? God does not want robots that He forces to believe and love Him. What type of love would that be? No, what our Abba wants is for us to choose Him above all else. As we see in this chapter God does have the power to do with us as He likes. But, so that our love is strong and meaningful I do not think He takes total control of our decision making. When He does it is only to show His glory to His people so that they will choose Him.

In this chapter I do notice that The Lord is manipulating Pharaoh’s heart not the hearts of His people. Pharaoh the one who believes in lesser gods and not in the one true God. God is in control but our submission to His authority is more important. He shapes us as we cooperate with Him. He is in control of even the devil. If you read Job Satan has to ask permission before he can touch Job.

god is in control
Sometimes we need to step back and let God take control

What I tend to think is that all our experiences God will use to make us into people He can use in His plan. So, maybe rather than think about how terrible your circumstances are, but what am I to learn from this? How can what I am going through help me serve Jesus and help others? When we learn how to draw our strength, hope, and peace from God no matter what is when our circumstances won’t overwhelm us so much. Look around you, how can you help someone from where you are at? Share God’s love by helping others even tho you may be struggling yourself. God is in Control and as we learn more about Him, submit to Him, draw from Him we become better people.

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