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God Knows Everything!🤔 How and Why We Still Need To Pray

Why Should I Pray if God Knows Everything? | 4:26

We can approach God with our worries, requests, and praises. But if God knows everything, what’s the point of prayer? D.A. Carson, respected New Testament scholar and Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, defines biblical prayer and explains why we pray to an omniscient God.

God Knows

So why even talk to Him?

Today I read SealTeam1979’s article Pray First. In this article he talks about committing everything to the Lord in prayer. How we need to turn to Him in making big and small decisions in life. But the question then comes up, why? The Lord knows the beginning to the end. He knows what we will do before we do it. So, just why do we need to say anything, or ask anything of Jesus? He has already decided what, where, and when for our lives.

Hopefully the video above by D.A. Carson can answer some of these questions. How I tend to think about it is even if God knows everything He still wants a relationship with us. It is like our relationships with others around us. Even we do not communicate in some way our bond does not grow close. The person will remain our acquaintance instead of seeing if they could be a close friend. Jesus wants deep intimacy with those He has created in His image. To build that relationship with Him we are blessed with prayer.

god knows
A forest with words You can never go where God is not Max Lucado

So, next time you think it is useless in even talking to Him, know this today He will stay distant. He gave us the gift of will power for a reason. He is not a bully God who forces us to chose Him, or even to talk to Him. If we chose not to, then He will respect that choice. But you may say I pray, but still He seems distant. Maybe your expectations are not what God knows what is best for you? Try reading the Bible, learning to match your desires to what His desires are.

Some desires I have learned about God is that He wants all his people to live with Him in Heaven. Jesus calls for us to lead others to be His disciples, to help and care for each other. When our prayers become that God uses us and blesses us with what will help in those Godly desires is when we will see them answered. We need to get away from thinking in a selfish way, but broaden our horizons in how what God gives us can help others.

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