God uses you

God Uses You As Your Painful Interruption Multiplies Joy

God uses you as your painful interruption multiplies joy

In this chapter we are starting to see why Joseph had to live through so much pain and hardship. He finally reveals himself to his brothers. The dreams he had in his youth have come true. His brothers and parents are now under his authority. Joseph is in a position to save their lives, even their whole family! Joseph’s painful interruption multiplies joy not only in him but his family too. His story is a great example of how God will use even you.

Another example, a real life today story would be my life. As I do not know the specifics of your story with The Lord I cannot help explain how Jesus wants to use you. Maybe as you follow my writings, read my testimony it can help you see how God uses you.

Painful Interruption Multiplies Joy

god uses you
a drawing of a woman’s head who looks like she is in pain.

The painful interruption in my life happened in both of my marriages. My first marriage ended up being violent and finally a divorce. My second marriage, or current marriage, was interrupted by many sins on both our parts. Those interruptions in my life taught me a lot. How to be strong, to endure the pain, and ultimately that the Holy Spirit’s ways are best. As I worked through the consequences of mine and my husbands behaviors I have learned how can God use me.

God’s purpose is that everyone gets saved. All His children He wants with Him in Heaven. To do this He uses each of us to help. Before we come to know Him we do not know how to relate to Him. So, in order to reach a person who is lost He uses people that they can relate to. Someone that they come to trust. Particularly someone who has been through similar pain and struggles.

God Uses You

Can you understand your pain now? Do you see how, as you turn to Him for strength, He could use your experience towards God’s purpose? God uses you in a very unique way to help those that no one else could help. You have a special ability to reach those that are just for you. God will use even you to build treasures in Heaven. Slowly as I reach the other side of all my struggles. As I learn how can God use me I experience the joy God can only provide. A sort of other worldly peace, calm, and joy God can only put in me. I know He will do the same for you.

I am still living apart from my husband. Still living on disability below the poverty line. He has not changed my circumstances much. The joy God has provided is the inner strength from seeing how He uses my past experiences to bless others. To know that through my writing, the words He gives me, many could be blessed. Also seeing how things are slowly coming together for my husband and I to live in one place. Knowing that He gave me a vision about that and how He is ever faithful. If He provided through all my struggles I can trust He will be faithful in this. I just do not fully see it yet.

God uses YOU

The abuse you lived through, the depression, anxiety, loneliness, all of it. He will use it, there is someone out there that He will bless through you. Hold on tight, study His Word, Pray, experience, learn what He needs you to learn. Jesus wants to use even you to save His people. You will find the joy The Lord can only give a person. A joy no one who does not know Jesus will ever understand. Just keep going towards Him.

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