god's plan

God’s Plan May Seem Evil to Some

God’s Plan

Good? or Bad?

This chapter in Exodus starts out with the plague of locusts. To those who are suffering under the plagues God brought on He would appear to be evil. But is He really? I mean some of the plagues were felt by the Israelite’s! How could He make His own people suffer?

As we read about the progression of the Exodus we will see how God is doing things so all on Earth will know His glory. It is no mistaking how powerful He is when reading about the plagues. Maybe allowing the Israelite’s suffer some of the misery He knew the experience would never leave their minds. History of the experience would be shared from one generation to the next. Physically experiencing things makes it harder to deny the truth of reality. Could that be part of the reason for the suffering going on now in the world? God’s plan is to give us physical reminders of His glory.

god's plan
a chalkboard with x’s and o’s and arrows as if a football game plan was drawn. On the board it says God’s game plan

I think also with all the suffering it gives His children an opportunity to care for one another. To use our own personal experiences to help us understand another persons suffering. So that God can bless others through us. Then as we watch us, and others be strengthened and more like Jesus we can see God’s glory at work.

Just as I witnessed transformation of my husband, and my marriage through all our circumstances. God is the only one who could have taken our bad habits and made them into experiences and wisdom to understand others. Through our trials we now know who is the only one who can make things work. So, I praise the Lord for each and every stressful situation because I know on the other side are mighty blessings.

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