God's truths and promises

God’s Truths and Promises are in His Story

God’s Truths and Promises

As we follow the story of Abraham and Sarah God brings out the promises He made earlier. God told Abraham his inheritance would not be in the land of Canaan which is where the Hittites resided. This is why Abraham needed to purchase the land to bury Sarah. This is why it is so important to prayerfully read the Bible so we can see God’s truths and promises

The way Abraham dealt with mourning for Sarah and dealing with buying the land is a good example for us. When someone dies it is perfectly OK to feel the pain, to cry but we still need to live. Abraham loved Sarah deeply and in this chapter it shows how he mourned for her. But, he did not neglect his responsibility to care for her in death.

god's truths and promises
ask, and God will give to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will open. Matthew 7:7

God’s truths and promises

Where Abraham was willing to tell half truths about Sarah being his sister in the past he was honest and fair now. I see this has evidence of Abraham seeing God working in his life. He was able to see things happen that no human could make happen. Experienced God’s hand working in living color.

I love how God opens our eyes and heart when we truly accept Him as our Lord and Savior. To see the wonders of His power and love no matter what we do. His goal in anything He does is to change us from the inside out. Is that not what we see in Abraham in this chapter? How he went from a lying untrusting follower to an honest and upright man of God. But look at how long it took for this to happen. We all want things right now. God’s truths and promises work out in His time not ours.

If we look at the timeline of when chapter 23 happened we will see it is about 40 years since she said she was too old to give birth. In this time Abraham still did not see the land of inheritance  God promised him. But in those years God did bless him with animals and a growing family. God provided for all their needs as He worked the story out in their lives. It is through this story that we learn how to live our lives. 

God’s truths and promises

I believe that is part of the reason why it takes God so long to bring out His promises in our lives. He uses our experiences to show others how to live for Him. We are all part of God’s great plan to show His Glory and Plan for all His children. 

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