Grief Such a Terrible, but Necessary Part of Life

Grief Such a Terrible, but Necessary Part of Life

There are many ways, and reasons a person grieves. One would experience grief because their lives did not turn out the way they expected it to, a loved one dies, or a person becomes disabled. No matter the reason though, grief hurts and can be confusing too.

One minute one can be living life, everything going along as usual then bam it hits you. A smell, a color, an image, something brings you back to that loss. Uncontrollable feelings, anger, hurt, loneliness, all flood you at one time. Thing is life goes on, but how could it? The world needs to stop, you feel you lost something and why doesn’t the world grieve with me?

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That is where my family is as we come to grips with my father in law died. I am trying to be that strong listening ear as I cannot do much else to help. Our world has changed and we are just trying to figure out how to live this new life God has given us. Until we figure this new life out I may not be as available online as I have in the past. Right now we need to circle our wagons and find that new way to live.

I ask I pray that you who read this will join me in prayer for my husband’s stepdad, my second father in law. He goes in for some exploratory surgery this week. Similar to what my husband’s biological dad was going to be dealing with. I do not know what it would be like if anything happened to him. Not now Lord, not right now! But Lord as Jesus said not my will but yours be done.


I found much comfort from this article by Greensuzy. 

If you are experiencing a loss I pray that you find some comfort from it too.

Outside sources

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