New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019! What Are Your Plans? Mine With My Husband, Silly. Hehe

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019
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New Year 2019, New Beginnings. I love New Years day. It always holds such promise. This time around though it is a bit sad. One of my children, my twin boy and his wife moved out of state. I am sad to see them go, but I pray and wish them all the best. I cannot hold them back from what they feel life brings them.

My three older kids
the twins are the girl and the brown haired boy. Then their one year older brother in the middle

But on to what this Happy New Year 2019 means to me directly. What do I do with the fresh start in life? The past few years has been focusing on my one word for the year. I find that works better for me than resolutions or goal setting. I always fail at that. Goal setting helps and works for some people. If resolutions or goal setting works for you I would like to suggest you take a look at Bakers Field Beauty Blogger site.

Her article Setting Goals For The New Year: 2019 is all about how she sets her goals. What she thinks and plans when setting her goals. Maybe she can help you when thinking about your own plans.

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But, if you are like me and can never stick to the goals or resolutions maybe the one word is for you. I discovered the one word for the New Year a few years ago when Pastor Craig Groeschel introduced it. For me it is prayer, studying the Bible and thinking about what is the overall theme I want for my New Year.

If you are interested in doing your one year for the New Year 2019 might I suggest the site:
CHOOSE JUST ONE WORD. It looks like it offers community and support as one focuses on their word for the year.

My one word for the year is once again submission. I am one person who loves to control what is going on around her. People, circumstances, everything. If I cannot control it all I feel unsafe. Fear tends to set in. But, all of that is from the dark side. If I just submit to God’s plan and trust Him I will be in the light. God does tend to be misterious I know. He does not tell us His plans, not always. He wants to build in us faith in Him and trust. In submitting to His plans for my life I will always remember how much He has done for me. In doing that I will know if I just trust He always provides.

Happy new year 2019
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What about you, are you a goal setter? Or are you a one word type of person? I would love to hear your ideas, your plans? How are you bringing Happy New Year 2019 in?

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4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019! What Are Your Plans? Mine With My Husband, Silly. Hehe”

  1. FiFirst, I did the daily audio bible for a while. I liked it, but I found it rather time consuming, and I felt pressure to try listening to clal the prayer requests, because these people took the time to write in for prayer. So, it became overwhelming to me. Second, my word is going to be: intimacy. Intimacy with God, closness with Him, and intimacy with my husband. i am not talking physical intimacy necessarily, but intimacy where we are connected soul and spirit and truly growing toward oneness. I prayed last night and that’s what God gave me.

  2. Wow! I just posted this and was going to go back to sleep. You are early riser too! hehe. I will check out the link you provided. For me though the worldview study, blogging, Warren Wiersbe’s books keeps me and my family focused on the Lord.

  3. I suppose if I have just one goal / resolution, it is to get closer to Jesus and let Him work in and through me. Everything else should grow out of that. I like the one word approach too. That’s what Brian Hardin does on the Daily Audio Bible podcast. This year’s word was hope. Next year’s word is maintain. I don’t know if you are familiar with his ministry, but I highly recommend it. It is daily Bible readings, from different translations, and goes through the whole Bible in one year. There is also commentary (sometimes) at the end of the readings, or at least a prayer that ties it all together. After that you hear prayer requests that people have called in. The community built up around this ministry is phenomenal. God is good and will lead us through this coming year. By His grace we stand even now. Oh, and submission … yep, that’s a good one too. It’s a good thing He is in control..

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