Happy Thanksgiving America

Happy Thanksgiving America! Remember The Little Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving America! Remember The Little Blessings

Blessings are all around us, do you see them? I know when this time of year comes around I have trouble seeing the blessings through the stress. The stress of being more than what we are in our daily lives, to impress family and friends. The stress of putting on that perfect meal to show our appreciation for others. All to say Happy Thanksgiving

But, before Thanksgiving celebrations even start today can we slow down? Spend time one on one with God and thank Him for the blessings we have in life? Just the fact that we are alive is a blessing in itself. No matter if you see it or not. The miracle that your complicated body and brain work at all is a blessing. 

As I talk to God about what to write here I keep remembering those who are hurting, those who may not see that being alive is a blessing. I can tell you I understand. I am being fully honest here. At one point in my life I did attempt suicide. Holidays tend to make things even worse when you are suffering so. 

Happy Thanksgiving?
happy thanksgiving
Picture of a thanksgiving flour with a sign saying Happy Thanksgiving

I need to be honest, I could not bring myself to make it to the in laws holiday celebration. My depression and anxiety got the best of me. It is not their fault, they help us so much, are so supportive. It is me letting my emotions and fear control what happens. 

I will make the best of it with my kids. I have celebrated Thanksgiving this way for many years. It will not be much different this year. So, I am on a journey to find blessings, even tiny ones to be thankful for.

Is it a Happy Thanksgiving for you?

I am wondering, what about you? Is this a happy time of year for you? Are you able to find something to be thankful for? Do you need someone to talk to, to pray with you? I am here, on my computer for most of today. Just reach out. I do understand. 

Please if you know someone who needs to hear this share with them. 

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