Veterans day 2018

Happy Veterans Day 2018 Honoring Veterans

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Happy Veterans Day 2018

I would like to pay tribute to both of my Grandpa’s who have now passed on from this earth. I pray that all families, veterans, and families of veterans have a Happy Veterans Day 2018. 

Grandpa Parker

I may not get the story quite right because of my memory problems, but I would like all to know what an honorable strong man Grandpa Parker was. 

He was an ex-POW from WWII. We was captured along with many soldiers by the Japanese. If I remember the story right was a prisoner for 2 years or more. He survived the internment by cooperating the best he could with his captors.

While I may not remember all the details of his story, I remember him as a strong, tall, proud American. He is the first generation born in America. His parents immigrated from the United Kingdom. He had many health problems because of his imprisonment but he did not let any of that stop him. He raised his 4 boys as a single father and lived humbly. 

Grandpa Tutor

Veterans Day 2018

I know even less about Grandpa Tutors time in the service. But I know by this picture he did serve at one time. What I do remember is spending time with my dads family on the Bad River Indian Reservation. See Grandpa Tutor is full blood English but he married my Grandma Tutor who is part Chippewa. She was born and raised on the reservation. 

I remember Grandpa as being a fun and loving man. He cared and worked hard for his family of 8 children and wife. I never remember him talking about his time in the service, but he always made time for all in his family. He was devoted to grandma and helped to take care of her on her death bed. 

Happy Veterans Day 2018

veterans day 2018
The U.S. flag flying with clouds around it.

I wish all Americans a wonderful Veterans day and I thank all Veterans for their service. I keep seeing a saying on the internet. Two people have been willing to die for you. The first was Jesus who died for your soul, the other is a Veteran who died for your freedom. Lets all take some time today out of the festivities and really thank and honor those who gave their all for us to be able to live the way we live. 

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2018


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