heal thy land

Heal Thy Land The Division and Pain is Great

Heal Thy Land 

Heal Thy Land

Yesterday I took a stand on Facebook and Twitter.

Maybe what I did was not right, what I should have focused on was the victims not on the mess in social media. I had a profile on Gab.com

What I experienced on Gab was positive, but I could also see some truth in what people were saying. But, lets get past how posts on social media, on how platforms could have contributed. Lets focus on those who have been hurt. What solution could there be for us to heal thy land

heal thy land
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Heal thy land

America is broken the division is deep. I feel it all the time my family of origin are dedicated democrats, my in laws are republicans. I myself am looking at both sides and wondering how can we come together. How can we prevent this from happening?

I do not have the answers, not even close. I do not follow news regularly I hear things from radio stations like KLove and Air1 and I read news posted on Facebook. If something peaks my interest, seems important I will do some searching on the internet. But for the most part my world centers on God, my husband and my children. 

Heal thy land

What I do know though is how God has been there for me and my family. From there I advocate that God is in control and all this chaos, turmoil is boiling to a point that God only knows. A point that the Bible talks about, a point I want to be part of. If I am wrong and in the end this Heaven on Earth in Jesus second coming is not true it won’t matter anyways. But if it is true I do not want to be one of the ones stuck in Hell for eternity. 

If it is true then according to the Bible things will get worse before they get better. So, what are we to do? How are we supposed to react. I do not think the way to react was how I acted yesterday on Facebook or Twitter. Please forgive me. God calls us to love, to allow Him to love others through us, to live for Him. All this so that everyone can see Jesus.

Heal thy land

I should have reacted with prayers focusing on those hurting, on the victims and their families. Just as the blog Isaiah 62 Ministry did. 

I plead to the few readers I do have. Lets join with Isaiah 62 Ministry in prayer for the victims, for our country and the countries around the world. Lets stop taking a stand on either side of the divide and love each other with the power that only Jesus gives us. 

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