honoring those who died

Honoring Those Who Died Can Heal Our Hearts

Honoring Those Who Died

Can Heal Our Hearts

In this last chapter of Genesis we see how Joseph’s two family cultures collided. He was brought up living with Jacob his father and relatives, but he also spent many years with the Egyptians. Between the two he honored his father’s memory by using both cultures traditions. The Egyptian embalming, and his fathers request of where to bury him. But, the question is why do we hold true to such traditions? Is it to let those who are gone from this earth know we love them? Or, are their other possible reasons?

honoring those who died
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What I believe is our honoring those who died is mainly to help us. When someone we love dies it brings so much pain and negative feelings. We miss them terribly, it sometimes even makes us question where was God? When we have a way to say good-bye it will help bring us closure. When Joseph had Jacob embalmed it was not for Jacob as he had no use for that body anymore. It was all a process to help Joseph and others say good bye. A way that they could do a last effort to take care of his father.

I wonder how much healing do we have if we have no chance fix a relationship before one party dies? The person is gone, but our emotions are still brewing against them. Those emotions tend to control if we honor the person who died or not. Or, could we learn to control our emotions by finding closure in the death? Maybe honoring the persons memory by writing about them, or talking to another trusted person could bring healing?

God wants us to talk to Him, to each other. Conversation helps us put thoughts into perspective, that is as long as it is not gossip. We can then feel those hurtful feelings reason them out with another friend and allow God to heal them. This could be another way of honoring those who died. We can release the anger, hurt, and pain to realize that God put them on Earth for a reason. When we can find God’s plan in their life, in how He used them in our lives we can become who God wants us to be. The Joy that can only come from God can be experienced as He heals our hearts.

I realize those process of healing is not easy to do. Sometimes honoring those who died takes a long time for us to get to that point. If emotions, and forgiveness seems impossible right now maybe seeing a counselor would be good thing to do. If not a counselor just reading the Bible, praying, and journaling can do wonders to work through the emotions. When we can work through our thoughts reason them out with God or others often brings control to our emotions. Sometimes just the ritual of a funeral helps us to find closure too.

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