How Do You Want To Be Remembered?


As for God in us? Or for our own accomplishments?

Joshua – Be Strong and Courageous Todd Phillips

How do you want to be remembered? By your accomplishments, your writings, how your raised your children etc…. Or, do you want to be remembered by what Christ did through you. That you loved the Lord so much that is all they saw through you? So that they would gain the blessings He has for His believers.

someone jumping off the cliff words total surrender

I know for myself I would love for my children and my family to enjoy the closeness God wants to have with them. My goal now is to have Jesus shine through me so much that is all they see. But how do I do this? I pray, read the Bible and let Him work through me. I do not do just what I want to do but do the next best thing He brings in front of me. But, if that next thing does not work I will know God is leading me in another direction. I will not get discouraged but pray and worship Him until He shows me the direction He does want me to go.

Outside sources

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