the story of joseph

How Does The Story of Joseph Speak To Us Today

The story of Joseph

The dreams God gave Joseph when he was young are coming true. He is now ruler over all his family and he has the Pharaoh’s ear. Pharaoh will do just about anything he asks. All because God doesnt change circumstances but uses them to change us. He did not prevent Joseph from all the suffering he lived through. But, God is faithful in teaching us how to grow from the inside out. Eventually on the other side of our struggles God is faithful and just in getting what everyone needs to thrive. The story of Joseph is a perfect one to talk about How God’s purpose always wins out.

the story of joseph
Joseph’s brothers throwing him into the well

Think back….way back……do you remember how Joseph was the second to youngest of Jacob’s children. Jacob favored Joseph above all his boys. This caused conflict among the children, so much so that his brothers wanted to kill him. God doesnt change circumstances for Joseph totally, but He did protect him from dying. God touched one of the brothers heart and brought along some slave traders. He needed Joseph to be a slave in Egypt to bring about the next part of His plan. We can find help every time need as long as we are His children. It may not be the help we envision, but God helped him in a way that He knew was best.

Our story today?

Right now, are you living through some really heard circumstances? Things seem impossible to get better? Think about Joseph. How he was sitting in that dried up well not knowing if he would die there or not. Then, when it seems his brothers would spare his life he is given away. In Egypt it seemed he would never see his family again. He was mistreated and lied about, worst of all thrown in jail. What about you? What you are living through right now? Could you stay close to God, say God help me and then trust that He will when He knows the time is right? That maybe He is trying to teach you something so He can use you? He really does have a plan for your life and God wants to use you.

The story of Joseph

So, now Joseph is in jail and again God doesnt change circumstances but He continues to work on Joseph from the inside out. God gives Joseph favor in the eyes of those in authority. He learns how to take care of the prisoners so well that the Jailer has nothing to worry about. He then meets the Pharaoh’s baker and cup holder. They both have dreams which they tell to Joseph. When the dreams come true God can then move on to give Pharaoh his dreams. When the cup holder remembered Joseph he was brought out of prison. Once again God is faithful in using Joseph in His plan. To eventually bring Joseph’s dreams to fruition. But only when Joseph’s heart and mind are ready.

Our story

It is hard for us to see how God is using and teaching us when we are in the middle of our struggle. I have trouble regulating my emotions enough to turn to Him. To ask Him what He is doing, to give me strength. I believe in the lessons I am learning by reading Joyce Meyer’s books we are to feel the feelings, to learn how to say OK Lord I cannot control this but I need you to do it for me. She suggests we use a topical index and study the Bible for the subject we are struggling with. To draw from His love letter to us to gain His strength to endure. To trust God is faithful as He gives us the tools to learn what He needs to teach us so He can use us in His plan for Earth. We may be suffering, but like Joseph, if we look close enough we are not dead. God is still providing what we need, provision for our essentials in life. He is providing exactly what we need to give us strength to endure our circumstances.

The story of Joseph

Now, God gave him the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams. He told Pharaoh what all his magicians and wise men could not. This touched his heart so much that he made Joseph in charge of everything in Egypt no one was higher than him. Because of his experience running Potiphar’s house and then the prison. God trained Joseph for just what God’s purpose was. God is faithful in bringing about His promises for our lives. Now Joseph prepares Egypt for the upcoming famine. God doesnt change the circumstances going on in the whole land, but He uses it to shape and use us.

Our story

Have you ever been through a terrible struggle and then eventually things get better. Think back on that time? What did you learn? Did you see how God was with you through it? Do you see how God wants to use you, what you learned, to bless others? Could you be comforting others who are living through what you experienced? To help guide them to God? To pray with them, just be there to listen and support them? This is all to help build Heavenly treasure, to work for God. He blesses those who endure hard ships and then He uses us to help others.

The Story of Joseph

The famine stretched through out all the land, even beyond Egypt’s boarders. But because of the skills God instilled in Joseph, Egypt has a lot of food storage. Enough so that people come to the land for food. Eventually his brothers come asking to buy food for their livestock and families. God doesnt change the circumstances, even though God has Joseph’s heart. God still let’s him to deal with his feelings. He allows Joseph to shut his brothers up in prison. But not for long. Eventually he releases them just asking for his little brother to be brought to him. He adores his little brother who never sinned against him. Eventually Jacob agrees and allows all his remaining children to go and fetch more food.

the story of joseph
drawing of Joseph hugging his brothers

This brings us to where we are in this chapter in Genesis. Joseph instructs his brothers to go back and bring everyone and everything to live with him in Egypt. There God put him in such a position to be in charge of the family, to provide for them. God is faithful and just. He brought about the discipline that He knew was right for Joseph’s brothers, but yet provided for the whole family. They suffered in prison, but only enough to make them think. Through God’s provision Joseph’s family stands together once again. Everyone learning and changing from the inside out. Just how God needed them to.

Our story

So, ask your self this? How can God use me? How can I live through these circumstances and allow God to teach me from them? What could He be doing? How is He wanting to change me so I can live out His plan on earth? God wants to use you, but first we need to submit to Him and allow Him to get us through what we are living with right now. Always remembering how God is using Joseph all through his struggles.

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