How To Be Content With Life

How To Be Content With Life and Circumstances Around You

how to be content with life

I do not have an answer to this question, but I know the Lord does. In this chapter we find that Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites, his distant relatives. His brothers did this because they were not happy with how their father favored Joseph. They were full of discontent and jealousy. Joseph got all the special treatment, and possessions. His brothers had to go out and do all the hard work. Have you ever felt that way? Felt cheated by life because of your circumstances? What does the Lord say about how to be content with life?

32 These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. 33 Seek the Kingdom of God[a]above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

Matthew 6:32-33 New Living Translation (NLT)

What I understand from this verse is that we need to focus our lives on God, and His teachings. I know that tends to be an impossible task for us. What I found through my life is that the more I learn about Him the more He eliminates my faults.

How To Be Content With Life

I am not trying to say I am perfect, I am far from that. Just the past two days my old controlling nature reared its ugly head. I know the Lord wants me to be healthy, I need to eat better. When I get on this kick I watch people around me, those really close to me. I see their actions and think, they need to make better choices. If I need to be miserable trying to be healthy they need to be miserable too. You know the old adage, “misery likes company.”

What I really need to do is be happy that God is giving me resources and strength to undo the damage I did to my body. Not worry about those around me but pray for them. To accept that God is working on them too. Let God and His glory shine through how He is going to heal me of my bad decisions that reveal themselves in my obesity.

how to be content with life
A man sitting on the beach at sunset. Words say Life is not always how we expected. But when we learn to deal with life as it is, we can always live abundantly.

How To Be Content With Life

Starting today, I will pray more for my family members. I will concentrate on what God has me doing for me. I cannot change anyone but me, God has a specific plan for me. This plan is not right for anyone but me.

What about you? Are you content with your life now? Or, do you look around you and see how others need to change rather than working on yourself? How could God help you right now?

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3 thoughts on “How To Be Content With Life and Circumstances Around You”

  1. I felt cheated when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but the Lord has been faithful to lift me up. It has been 7 years now and I sometimes still get upset about it, but the Lord gives me His peace and He always speaks to my heart that His grace is sufficient for me. I pray the Lord comforts you and strengthens you. He will never leave us! God bless you!

    1. Thanks, yes I read some of your past journey. I couldn’t even imagine how hard it has been. My mother in law tells me that when things seem hard she thinks of how much Jesus suffered for us.

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