how to help your husband with addiction

How To Help Your Husband With Addiction, Can it Be Done?

How To Help Your Husband With Addiction

Addiction is an evil behavior system or disease. It pulls not only the person affected down, but the whole family. When you are the spouse of one who is affected your job becomes tremendously harder. You want to stop your spouses behavior, make all the pain stop and it becomes your job to protect the family. I would like to offer some of my hard learned lessons in how to help your husband with addiction. I learned it is possible, but only with the Lord’s help.

In the early years of our marriage it slowly became apparent that my husband had addiction issues. When the addiction hit its peak in our marriage we had to separate. But, God lead me to never give up on him. It has been 14 years of me trying to control my husbands addiction to no avail. Here are some things that I have picked up recently:

How to Help Your Husband With Addiction

  • Pray, and when cannot pray anymore, pray again
    • Only God can work on your husbands heart and mind, to heal him
    • Pray that God shape you into who He and your husband need you to be
  • Find a good support system
    • For me it has been my mother in law now I have one good friend too
    • make sure that this support system will not judge but to listen and pray with you
  • Have safe boundaries set up
    • Make sure that your husband knows that you will not tolerate the addictive behavior
    • But do so with much prayer, support, grace, and empathy
    • Be safe, do what need to do to protect yourself and your family
  • Research about the addictive behaviors
    • Make sure you understand the disease and how it affects your husband and family
  • Do not make excuses for the addictive behaviors but hold him accountable
    • at the same time recognize your part in the addictive process and get professional help if needed
  • Support your husband as he heals from the addictive behaviors
    • Be sure to point out more good than bad behaviors
    • Compliment him a lot
      • not fake compliments tho
    • forgive, forgive, forgive
  • Be sure when discussing his behaviors use I statements
    • Instead of blaming him for all the pain try saying things like:
      • I feel…..when you……
    • Take responsibility of your own behaviors and emotions
      • stop giving him the control of your peace, joy, and happiness
how to help your husband with addiction
A woman with a worried face looking at her husband who is turned away from her.

How to Help Your Husband With Addiction

I am now at a point I could not imagine my life without my husband. He has come so far in life, matured so much. What I needed to do is to stop trying to control him. That controlling nature in me was holding both him and I back. Now that I pray and let God I am finally seeing some breakthroughs. I set an alarm on my phone for 3 pm every day so I remember to stop and pray for him.

Lord, thank you for the Christian husband I prayed for when my adult kids were young. For. the husband that was there for me to learn and grow with. I pray for other wives out there married to an addicted husband. Help them, guide them, heal them and their husband. Help them to know putting you first is the only way anything will change. In Jesus name amen

If you need prayer or to talk I am here for you:

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