how to live for God daily

How to Live For God Daily, Genesis Chapter 5, and Ruthisms

How to Live For God Daily, Genesis Chapter 5, and Ruthisms

how to live for god daily

Genesis 5:22 Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God three hundred years after the birth of Methuselah and had sons and daughters 24 And [in reverent fear and obedience] Enoch walked with God; and he was not [found among men], because God him [away to be home with Him]

how to live for god daily

Ruthi, my and others dear friend Ruthi.

I met her couple of years ago online in a live video chat group she led. The second she opened her mouth I could hear Jesus speaking through her. She spoke love, wisdom, to all that she met. With God’s words, she encourages everyone. But how did she get to the point of being so full of the spirit that everyone sees Jesus in her?

how to live for god daily
May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else just as He does for you. 1 Thess. 3:12 written in the sky above a lake

how to live for God daily and Ruthi’s life example

Anyone who knows Ruthi knows her Ruthisms, sayings that she always repeats. Allison Anderson recorded and shared some of her more well-known ones. I will share them here with you. Maybe they will help you understand just how she came to be so full of God’s spirit and so intuned with God!

Famous Ruthisms

1. When things are going wrong, say out loud “praise Jesus.” You might not mean it at the beginning but your heart will catch up to you. Ruthi shared so many stories in her life where God gave her strength just because she said to praise Jesus. There are many verses in the Bible that says if we just praise Him, He will be there with us. Where in your life do you think this could help you?

2. Go to the person in the mirror every day, and tell her/him “I love you, you’re one of a kind, and so very special. Whatever you need from that person, forgiveness etc, tell the person in the mirror. (Which is you.) Ruthi’s life story is much like any of us. Heart devastating, dog down dragging experiences. But God made her who she is through teaching her this practice. In the Bible, it says how precious we are, how we are a new person in Christ. How could this help you find Gods truth in your life?

3. Around the house, or as your traveling to work, play the Bible on audio through your Bible app. Let it play as you do your choirs. (Ruthi uses a free app called Youversion.) This here is letting God’s love letter as Ruthi puts it speak to you. Fill your mind, heart, spirit, soul, house, car. Just as Enoch did. Continual close fellowship with God. Do you think this could help you? How could you do this in your own life?

4. Slow down, if you do more than one activity at one time you aren’t successful at anything. How times in our lives do we multitask. This world is so full of distractions; information at our fingertips, connect with others around the world in seconds etc. Society tells us to do more all at the same time. But how well do we do each thing then? All this distracts our minds and hearts from truly hearing, understanding God’s word and hearing that still small voice in us. What do you need to do to slow down?

5. Don’t get others into your “pity party game” doesn’t do any good. Take action. Feeling like everything and everyone is against you? Need to talk to others so they can join in with you? Just how much does that carry out to change what is going on? Yes, God has called us to be social beings. To help each other, to comfort and care for one another. But where in the Bible does it say that we are to stay in the sad sorry state of mind? What type of action do you need to take to pull yourself out? This all sounds like what Joyce Meyer teaches think about what you are thinking about. Match your thoughts to Gods thoughts through His word and He will give you a way to pull yourself out.

6. For unbelievers, don’t talk about Jesus, show it in your actions. I have seen it in the Bible where we are not to hold those who do not believe in the same standards as believers are held to. In order for us to show Jesus in our actions, we need fellowship with Him as Enoch did, read His word pray, praise. Then we are a small smidgen of what Ruthi has been in her life. Jesus oozing from every pore.

7. Pray right then when you hear a prayer need. (She always does in class.) Do not just say as I often do, I am praying for you. On the computer type it out on Facebook,  in messenger, in an email in an SMS. When out in public someone asks for prayer shares some struggle, no matter what is going on stop and pray with them. Bring Jesus into the situation, not your own way of thinking that things should go.

Amplified Bible and why I used Ruthi as an example

Right after I recorded my reading Genesis 5 I got a notice on Facebook Ruthi is on hospice care! It really brought home the story of Enoch. How I see Ruthi’s life as Enoch lived his life. I am in tears. She is going to see our dear Lord. But she also is not gone yet.

This was written a few weeks ago. Ruthi is still alive but still in hospice care. Please be praying for her, her family, and all who know her.

Update on Ruthi it has been about a year since she died. She is in heaven singing and dancing with our Lord!

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