How Will You Live Life

How will you live life? For Christ? For the World?

How will you live life

We all have all kinds of emotions every day. Such as happy, sad, and angry. It’s okay to have all these kinds of emotions, it’s all in how we handle them that matters. Jesus gave us all the authority we need living inside of us. Question is, are we using it? Are we letting our emotions control us, or are we the ones controlling our emotions?

How will you live life

When you begin to feel sad, remind yourself what Jesus did on the cross for you. Jesus knows what we go through each day, and I’m not saying don’t deny your feelings, just start thinking of things to be thankful for. Such as the promises of God are forever. Also, ask the Lord to change your heart to make it like his.
A few weeks ago, I started praying a prayer. I asked the Lord for a deeper hunger for His Word like never before. I also prayed that I wouldn’t react in my old ways in tough situations, or when things didn’t go my way. Within the next day, I woke up thinking about the Word of God. So I got into a routine to get up early in the morning to spend time with Him. Not only did I only spend time with Him once a day, but finding myself really seeking His Word throughout the day. I would ask myself, I wonder what the Word says about this situation.

live life
One Life to Live

How will you live life

As I began to do this, I noticed the change in my own heart. Did circumstances around me still happen? Of course, they did. The only difference is the way I’m responding to situations. One of the other things that I started praying about is those material things will not matter so much anymore. Sure, it’s nice to have things, but not to let it overtake you. The Lord showed me this included people. If everyone and everything was taken away from us, we should still have the peace in our hearts, because we have the Lord within us, and will have the Word of The Lord within our hearts. Truly this is all we really need.

How will you live life

If we check our phone all throughout the day, why not look at a Bible Verse every so often? If you’re unhappy in life, why not ask the Lord to show you what needs changing in your life, or what you need to trust in Him more.

The Lord wants to help us and mold us into His image. Sometimes, that’s why we have to go through hardships.

How will you pray for yourself?

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