how would a good god allow suffering

How Would a Good God Allow Suffering That Happens in Life

How Would a Good God Allow Suffering

I do not have an answer that would satisfy all those suffering so much in this world. Or, for that matter for all those who have suffered. The Lord is all loving, all powerful why then did the Holocaust, Native American’s herded and killed, the evil dictators in the world……… Why Jesus? How Would a Good God Allow Suffering That Happens in Life? 

I take this question personally, sort of asking me why do you believe in a Heavenly Father that could have stopped others from suffering so much. I think about it I hurt for all those suffering and really look at my personal reasons. I look to how much I caused my own suffering, or others around me caused the suffering of my family. 

See I am the one who wanted a child so desperately I manipulated who became my husband into getting me pregnant. I was a typical lost hurting young woman yearning to hold on to this man by having a child with him. Our decisions in life are what brought about a child before we were ready. Started me on a path of much suffering and struggle just to survive. 

In all of His doings, God is just (Psalm 145:17). The blame for the Holocaust lies squarely on the shoulders of sinful humanity. The Holocaust was the product of sinful choices made by sinful men in rebellion against a holy God. If the Holocaust proves anything, it is the utter depravity of man. Just fourteen years after “the war to end all wars” (World War I), Hitler rose to power. What is even more shocking is that millions followed him, enabling his horrific policies and pursuing a path to national destruction.

(“Why did God allow the Holocaust?” 2018)

I know the above does not answer why an all powerful and loving Father could allow suffering. But it does show where the responsibility lies. In man, in sinfulness of main just as in my kids and my suffering. Responsibility lies in the decisions my ex husband and I made. 

But we can understand this: God’s permission is not the same as His approval. God allowed Adam to eat of the forbidden tree, but He did not approve of the action. In the same way, God’s allowing the Holocaust in no way suggests His approval of it. God is grieved by the sinfulness of man and the hardness of his heart (Genesis 6:6; Mark 3:5).

(“Why did God allow the Holocaust?” 2018)

I do not want to become flippant enough to think I could come close to understand some of the most evil pain and suffering as in the holocaust. My suffering, my kids suffering pales in comparison. But, I do know God hurts when we hurt. To understand how would a good God allow suffering is to be able to have the mind of God. We have small finite minds that only really understands things in this world. If we were to come close to understanding everything God does, allows, knows, all His wisdom our minds would burst. I do know God has a plan, and our evil decisions play right into His end game. His Heaven on Earth and final defeat of all evil. That is what I want to be part of. That is what I am thankful for. 

how would a good god allow suffering
be gracious enough to let God humble you.
How Would a Good God Allow Suffering That Happens in Life

While nothing can justify the Holocaust, we do see at least one good thing which came from World War II: Israel now exists as a nation. The Holocaust was a primary reason the White Paper of 1939 was rescinded, freeing Jews to immigrate to Israel. The fact that, as of 1948, the Jews have a restored national identity helps to fulfill such biblical prophecies as Ezekiel 37 and Matthew 24. Defeating Nazism and giving the land of Israel back to the Jews is a classic example of God’s thwarting Satan’s plan and bringing about good in spite of the evil.

(“Why did God allow the Holocaust?” 2018)

What I am thankful for is how the Lord worked out the suffering to bless the Jews with their own freedom and fulfilling His prophecies. I am thankful for how He gave me strength to live though living in a shelter, raising two violent sons, and helping my scared daughter. I am thankful they are now all productive working adults one boy married with a great job, the other son has a girlfriend and gainfully employed and my daughter doing very well in her job. Through the suffering we learned a lot that made us who we are today and able to see that God provides where we mess up.

How Would a Good God Allow Suffering That Happens in Life

This may not be a sufficient enough of an answer to that question above. But it is an answer that in my innermost being has me holding tight to God. I understand God knows more than me, I also understand that I could not even come close to answer some of the toughest questions people have about God. But what I can do is pray for wisdom, and pray that God provides answers to peoples questions so they can see Him in the unique way He knows will help them believe in Him. 


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