I am back

I Am Back, Not 100%, But, I Am Trying

I Am Back

It has been a long hard week or more since I have written anything. This cold or what ever it is has hit me hard. Trying to be a single mother, home school my youngest and being sick I had no energy left for anything I do on the internet. But that does not mean I totally forgot all my readers. I was always yearning and thinking about how I would come back to writing. I was thinking of coming back yesterday, but I am still coughing too much to record myself reading. So, here I am on Thankful Thursday saying I am back for at least today.

I have heard that having a grateful attitude even when struggling helps one cope with what ever is going on. So, through this sickness what are some things I can list to be grateful for?

I am back

  • My daughter for always wanting to help me feel better
  • My son for cooperating with his schooling while I did not feel well
  • My husband for his empathy in not bothering me much while I do not feel well
  • For my continued weight loss even though I have no energy to exercise
  • For having a roof over my head, internet and tv to watch

I am back

I guess even though I do not feel the best, I do have blessings I can thank God for. Hopefully in the next few days I will have more energy to write. I pray all my subscribers and readers are having a blessed time. Remember I will answer any comments as I find the time and energy. God bless you all.

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7 thoughts on “I Am Back, Not 100%, But, I Am Trying”

  1. Hey Katie. Get well soon. Don’t worry about the WordPress community. Everything is fine on the other side of the world. Waiting for you to recover totally. God will heal you. He has great plans for your life.

  2. PastorJohn Day

    Bless your heart, Katie. I like your perspective on being grateful, and the things you are grateful for. God is our sustainer.

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